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Will Hogwarts Legacy Get a Sequel? – Answered

Given the success of the sales...

by Nikola L
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Hogwarts Legacy has seen great success when it comes to sales on all available platforms (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games), and hundreds of thousands of players are still playing the game. Hogwarts Legacy broke some records, including being the most-viewed single-player game on Twitch. The hype was unreal, and the fanbase is expecting some follow-up in form of a Sequel, or at least, a DLC. Will Hogwarts Legacy get a sequel any time soon? Let’s find out.

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Even though we are currently in the domain of speculations, hints, and fan wishes, it is reasonable enough to expect some sort of continuation of Hogwarts Legacy at some point in the future. Sales boast over 12 million copies worldwide, which is truly an insane amount of money (this is hundreds of millions of dollars we’re talking about).

Given that amount of revenue, it’s hard to imagine that Warner Brothers would not want to further capitalize on the vast interest in Hogwarts Legacy that was undisputedly shown by the player base. Perhaps a DLC for Hogwarts Legacy might come out to test the waters? Thousands of fans want a Quidditch DLC, for example, it’s been talked about everywhere, from Reddit to Twitter. Maybe Warner Brothers agree to do a “fan service” DLC, who knows?

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We need to take into perspective that the development of Hogwarts Legacy took around half a decade and, indeed, there were some imperfections of Hogwarts Legacy, mostly in the optimization/performance department. Even though the development team is now well-versed, it will probably take them between 3 and 5 years to create a decent sequel.

All Hogwarts Legacy fans can only hope for a sequel until it’s officially confirmed, in the end… Until then, if you are playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC, you can mod the heck out of the game and breathe fresh life into it to keep things entertaining. I mean, Skyrim players have been doing it for about a decade now, and they do not seem bothered by the lack of TES VI (much).

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We’ll close this article with the WB iconic cartoon finisher – That’s all, folks (for this article). If you want some more Hogwarts Legacy content, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy tag below this article.

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