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How to Install Mods for Hogwarts Legacy

PC gang is always up for some modding shenanigans.

by Nikola L

Mods have been a big part of the PC gaming community for decades, and modders are getting faster every year and managing to “break” the game very close to the release date, if not on the release date. Mods are already brewing up for Hogwarts Legacy, and Prima Games will point you to the source of the mods for Hogwarts Legacy and will tell you how to install them as well. Enjoy!

Where to Find Mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Officially, there is no mod support for Hogwarts Legacy. This is where the “Unofficial” and “Third-Party” terms come in. Modders stop at nothing and insist on tailoring their single-player experience the way they want to. We are not sure whether or not mods for Hogwarts Legacy will be officially supported on PC (Steam Workshop, for example), but currently, you can only mod the game yourself.

Arachnophobia Mod is one of the most popular ones at the moment for people who are scared of spiders. This mod replaces spiders with something very unthreatening. You can also fly with Thomas the Tank Engine instead of with a Broom, Remove Fog, and there’s even a person who dumped an early game save file with 1 billion coins.

And yes, there’s a Hololive mod too.

Instructions for Mod Installation for Hogwarts Legacy

Installation of most mods differs from each other. Usually, you start off by downloading the files from the mod page on Nexus Mods. Then, you examine the directory of the mod that you’ve downloaded and usually set a reminder for yourself to backup the files from your installation (which you are about to replace) somewhere else (just have a designated folder for such backups), because there’s bound to be some overwriting of native game files. In case you need to uninstall a mod, in most cases, you need to bring the old files back (or just Verify Game Integrity from Steam and have Steam flush them, but that might misfire).

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Then, you need to read the modder’s instructions from the mod page, which explains in detail where to dump the files you’ve just downloaded (usually in the Description tab). Once again, before overwriting the native game files, back them up in case things go south.

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