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How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy? – Difficulty Levels Guide

Set a proper challenge for yourself for quality enjoyment of the story.

by Nikola L
Hogwarts Legacy Map.

Difficulty Levels have basically been a thing in video games since their inception, offering challenges to the most hardcore players, and also offering game mode for those who just want to experience the story of the game. I’d say that most everyone started out light during their junior gamer days, so there’s no shame in it if you keep doing it even if you have years of gaming experience. Single-player games are there to have fun with, in the way that suits you the most, because you are having fun for your own sake.

Hogwarts Legacy offers a handful of different difficulty levels, and every player is guaranteed to find something that they like, and Prima Games is presenting you with an explanation on how to change your difficulty level in Hogwarts Legacy.

What Difficulty Levels Exist in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are four difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Story
    This mode is for players who just want a stress-free experience, something like a TV show or movie where they just control the character.
  2. Easy
    This difficulty level poses a light challenge in the eyes of most players.
  3. Normal
    Play the game the developers intended it. The regular difficulty, nothing special.
  4. Hard
    Hard Difficulty is the toughest challenge, developers spiced it up and you will have difficulties overcoming some challenges.

How to Change Difficulty Settings in Hogwarts Legacy Mid Game?

Naturally, you get to choose the difficulty level when you first start playing the game. However, modern games allow you to change the difficulty mid-game, in case a certain part of the game becomes too overwhelming, and then you can toggle it back later after you’ve dealt with the issue.

When you hit Pause, you should find the Gameplay Options menu. Within it, you will see the Difficulty setting near the top of the screen. When you click on that, a drop-down menu shall appear.

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What Difficulty Should I Choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

This is entirely and only up to you, and nobody else. If you want a chill experience and to experience the story, you can choose Story or Easy.

If you want the regular challenge, pick Normal.

If you are into higher-difficulty challenges, definitely try Hard. You can do it regardless, to see how it feels, and if you are not okay with it, you can slide it to Normal or Easy, or even Story. As long as you are happy with the game’s story, nothing else is important.

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