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As I have spent more time playing in the world of Roblox, I also find myself spending far too much money on Robux. Originally, I told myself that I was never going to put money into this platform because I did not see the point. Well, around 10,000 Robux later, I found myself looking for a better alternative. That is when I discovered Roblox Premium, a special membership that gives you some perks, alongside some Robux each month that make the platform more exciting than ever before. But, what exactly are these perks, and is it even worth signing up for? Let us dive in and find out.

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What Is Roblox Premium?

Roblox Premium is a special membership that gives players a set amount of Robux per month, as well as some other exclusive features. Each month, on your subscription renewal date, you will receive the amount of Robux you signed up for, alongside exclusive items and discounts in the Avatar store. You will also get access to Subscriber-only experiences and items, and plenty of other perks.

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If you are someone who devotes a lot of time to the world of Roblox, this may be the perfect thing to invest in. However, the sign-up process can be a little tricky, as it seems that each platform only lets you sign up for certain portions of the service. Let us dive in and find out how you can get the best bang for your Robux.

How To Sign Up For Roblox Premium

If you are looking to sign up for Roblox Premium, there are a few different ways to do it. You can visit the Roblox Premium Webpage to get plenty of information about it, but you will only have the option to sign up for the $19.99 Per Month option by visiting this page. If you are hoping to sign up for a lower-cost plan, there are some other ways to make this happen. If you sign up for this plan, you will receive 2200 Robux per month.

If you open the Roblox Mobile app and click on the Robux icon, you will be taken to a Robux Redemption page. This will give you the chance to purchase more Robux, or sign up for the $4.99 per month Premium option. Each month, you will be billed $4.99, but you will also receive 450 Robux on top of that.

Finally, you can also sign up for Roblox Premium directly through the Roblox PC App. You will just want to follow the same steps listed above for Mobile, where you can click on the Robux icon and sign up for Premium. Much like the Website version, you will only be able to sign up for the $19.99 per month option this way.

At this time, there is no option to sign up for Premium if you are playing on an Xbox console, so you would need to download the application or visit the website if you were planning on signing up for these exclusive perks.

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How To Cancel Roblox Premium?

If you are done with Roblox Premium and no longer want to be a member, you will need to cancel your subscription before the next billing date to avoid being charged for the service. There are a few different ways that you can do this, so let us start with the PC version.

To cancel Roblox Premium, you will need to access your Settings first. Under settings, you will need to go to Billing, and you will see the option to cancel your subscription. Click on this and confirm that you would like to cancel it, and you will still have your benefits until the next subscription date comes up. They will not instantly revoke your badge or benefits, so make the most of it.

On Mobile, you will need to press the “…” button in the bottom right of the screen and go into Settings. Once here, the process will be very similar, where you will want to press Billing, and then Cancel Renewal. You will be asked if you want to cancel the service, confirm this, and you will be free from the clutches of Roblox… for now, at least.

If you are playing on Xbox, you will need to use one of the methods mentioned above, as there is no way to cancel your Roblox Premium subscription on the platform. This may be resolved in the future, but it seems unlikely that it is a priority.

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Is Roblox Premium Worth It?

It really depends on how much you are on the platform. If Roblox is your go-to source of entertainment and gaming, then it is easily worth the price of entry. You will be able to get your hands on plenty of UGC and new experiences, and the added perks make it more exciting than ever to be a part of the Roblox community.

On the other hand, if you are just a very casual Roblox fan, this may not be the subscription for you. Unless you are planning on jumping into Roblox more often than anticipated, your $4.99 could be better spent elsewhere. Only you know the real answer, so think wisely before jumping in or disregarding this feature.

No matter if you are a Roblox Premium Subscriber or someone that just plays on occasion, you will want to check out our Roblox section below to find some new experiences, some helpful tips to help you on the platform, and plenty of codes for your favorite experiences.

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