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How To Fix Roblox Error Code 103 – Unable To Join

Find out why you can access your favorite experience

by Shaun Cichacki

One of the most exciting parts about Roblox is the ability to join the platform in a variety of ways. No matter, if you are a PC Gamer, a mobile fanatic, or someone that likes to play on the couch on their Xbox, experiences of all varieties and types, can be played… until they cannot. With certain games, you may find yourself meeting up with the dreaded Error 103 – Unable to Join, which may leave you feeling confused. You are able to join this experience on other platforms, but why can you not play it here? Let us dive in and find out what this means.

Why Can You Join An Experience In Roblox? Error 103 Explained

Depending on the platform that you are playing on, the majority of all experiences should be playable and enjoyable. However, primarily with the Xbox Console Family and Mobile, there may be a few experiences that pop this error the moment you try to join them. What could cause this, and is there any way around it?

Well, the main reason that Error 103 will show up is that the experience is not created with these platforms in mind. While the vast majority of the experiences can be played, no matter where you are, some do not feature Mobile or Controller options, making them unplayable on the platforms.

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Lets take My Hello Kitty Cafe for example. While playing on PC, you can jump right into this experience and mostly enjoy your time with a controller, but there are still some growing pains when it comes to this particular experience. You will still need to put the controller down and navigate around certain parts of the game with a keyboard and mouse, making it impossible to play on the console, which causes Error 103 to show up.

When first creating an experience, developers may focus on a specific platform and continue to add platforms in the future after some updates. There are other experiences, like the one listed above, that have been around for a fair period and still do not have versions for other consoles. It is really up to the developers of these games to pick and choose where you can finally play.

The only way to get around this error is to wait for the developers of an experience to add a particular version to your platform of choice. While this may not sound like the best solution, it is sadly the only way. However, there are times that this error may pop up even on something that you have played in the past, so just exit Roblox and restart your system to get it to go away.

With the sheer number of experiences available on Roblox, it may feel impossible to know what to play next. Thankfully, we have an extensive Roblox section available here on the site that will give you some solid recommendations for your new favorite experience, and plenty of Codes for games that you already love.

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