Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (December 2023)

Fight your way to the top with the help of Anime Fighters Simulator codes!

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Updated December 11, 2023: We searched for new codes!

Roblox offers an extensive variety of fighting ARPG experiences, but Anime Fighters Simulator stands out by the mind-blowing number of characters you can play as. From Dragon Ball to One Piece, no matter what your favorite series is, it probably found its way onto the list of 50 in-game worlds.

While collecting the enormous number of characters is immensely satisfying, the amount of grind necessary to get your favorites may dampen your mood. Thankfully, Anime Fighters Simulator codes are here to save the day with numerous Boosts and Tokens that will make farming XP fly by quickly. Got everything you need already? Check out our Anime Lost Simulator Codes and claim more freebies!

All Anime Fighters Simulator Codes List

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Working)

  • Update51 – 3 Shiny Boosts (New)
  • SuperApology – 6 Passive Transfer Tokens (New)
  • DelayUPD51 – 2 Grimoire Tokens (New)
  • Pregame_U8zKl – x10 Passive Transfer Tokens (NORMAL); x2 Shiny Boosts and x2 Super Drop Boosts (HARDCORE)
  • TRANSFERS! – Rewards (NORMAL)
  • SHINIES! – Rewards (HARDCORE)
  • ZnxCvb9 – x5 Passive Transfer Tokens and x2 Super Drop Boosts (NORMAL); x2 Super Damage Boosts and x2 Super Luck Boosts (HARDCORE)
  • SorryForBugs – x2 Super Luck Boosts and x2 Super Drops Boosts
  • RealDaireb – x3 Yen Boosts
  • 1MilFaves – x1 XP Boost, x1 Defense Token, and x1 Yen Boost
  • SorryForBugs – x2 Super Luck Boosts and x2 Super Drops Boosts
  • CastlevaniaHype – x5 Passive Tokens
  • Update49 – x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
  • !Update48! – x2 Boosts and x2 Super Drops
  • HAPPYHALLOWEEN – x5 Passive Tokens
  • DelayedHalloween – x5 Passive Tokens
  • RobloxFixed?? – x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
  • !Update47! – x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
  • !Update46! – x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
  • 1MILLIONLIKES! – x10 Passive Transfer Tokens and x1 Super Drop Boost
  • SorryUpdate46! – x5 Passive Transfer Tokens and x2 Super Time Boosts
  • UPDATE45! – x5 Passive Transfer Tokens.
  • SorryForDelay!!! – 2 Transfer Tokens
  • Update44Released – x1 Super Time Boost
  • Kekeke – x1 Time Boost, x1 Transfer Token, and x1 Drop Boost
  • QOLPatch – x2 Super Time Boost and x2 Super Luck Boost
  • BuffPatch – x1 Super Time Boost
  • DungeonCDRESET – x1 Dungeon Token
  • ResetDungeonCD – x1 Dungeon Cooldown Reset
  • BlastOff2023 – x1 Super Time Boost and x1 Super Luck Boost
  • Update44! – x1 Passive Transfer Token
  • SaopauloW – x1 DMG Boost, x1 Luck Boost, and x1 Shiny Boost
  • KingIsBack – x15-minute Luck Boost
  • BrazilOnTOP – x3 Avatar Coins
  • 25kPlayers! – x25 Passive Tokens, x Shiny Potion, and a Dungeon Token
  • SubToFminusmic – x2 Shiny Potions
  • !BOSSSTUDIO! – x15-minute Luck Boost
  • AFSComeback – x2 Dungeon Tokens
  • BillionVisits – x1 Super Luck Boost, x1 Super Drop Boost, x1 Illusionist Ticket, x50 Passive Tokens, x1 Dungeon Token, and x25 Requiem Tokens
  • TheAbyss – x1 Dungeon Token, x1 Super XP Boost, x10 Passive Tokens, x1 Super Damage Boost, x3 Luck Boosts, x10 Requiem Tokens, and x1 Dungeon Cooldown Reset!
  • Insane1Million – x1 Super Luck Boost, x1 Super Drop Boost, x10 Passive Tokens, x1 Super DMG Boost, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Defense Token
  • WorldAtWar – x1 Dungeon Token, x10 Passive Tokens, x5 Drop Boosts, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Defense Token
  • SummerEvent2 – x1 Dungeon Token, x3 Luck Boosts, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Clone Token
  • SummerEvent – x1 Super Luck Boost, x3 DMG Boosts, x10 Passive Tokens, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x10 Summer Passive Tokens
  • Sub2Codenex – x 1 10-minute Luck Boost
  • Sub2Veyar – x1 10-minute Luck Boost
  • BronzePiece_ – x2 XP Boosts
  • ToadBoi – x1 10-minute Luck Boost
  • sulley1m – x1 Luck Boost and x1 Damage Boost (Must Join Group)
  • otrademark – x1 Divine Fruit
  • 1MilFaves – x1 Yen Boost and x1 XP Boost

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • HeroAcademy
  • Sulley300k
  • SoulAcademy
  • NinjaCity
  • SlimeyIsland
  • Sulley
  • LandOfGuts
  • PsychicCity
  • SlayerCorps
  • TicketCode
  • SorcererEmpire
  • TheHole
  • KingdomFour
  • Sulley500k
  • Underworld
  • Craftbug
  • Nice200k
  • MiniUpdatePog
  • Super75k
  • WorldOfGames
  • Update25.3
  • 520KLIKES
  • ChuggaChugga
  • ManyLikes
  • Update42
  • 700klikes
  • VirtualCastle
  • Christmas
  • EpicCode
  • Sulley100k
  • FlameCity
  • Thanks900k
  • 100kRecord
  • EmptyWorld
  • PassiveBug2
  • SCity
  • OrcaPrison
  • 800klikes
  • GhoulCity
  • Awesome50k
  • AttackOfGiants
  • SuperLikes
  • UpdateDelaySad
  • Gold500k
  • AFSAnniversary
  • AlchemyLand
  • CurseHigh
  • ShutdownCode
  • RealDaireb
  • TimeTravelTokyo
  • DungeonRefund3
  • Pog125k
  • Pog400k
  • Thanks600k
  • UpdateDelay
  • DivineColosseum
  • PassiveBug
  • AFSAnniversary
  • FashionEmpire
  • LuckIsland
  • DestinyIsland
  • CrimeIsland
  • Lucky30k
  • NinjaCityRaid
  • DungeonRefund2
  • IceWastes
  • Yeet250k
  • Magic100k
  • ChimeraIsland
  • Update41
  • Almost100k
  • SpookyIsland
  • HalfBillion
  • FourthOfJuly
  • 2k22
  • cyclxnee
  • ThanksGiving
  • MegaLikes

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fighters Simulator

Redeeming codes in Anime Fighters Simulator is easy if you follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Anime Fighters Simulator
Screenshot by Prima Games
  1. Start Anime Fighters Simulator in Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen to open the redemption box.
  3. Insert your working code into the Enter Code Here text box.
  4. Press the green button next to the text box to claim your free rewards.

How Can You Get More Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

To find the newest Anime Fighters Simulator codes, you can join the official Anime Fighters Discord server. Occasionally, the developer releases them on their YouTube channel (@Theboss_Brandon) and X account (@Boss_StudioRBLX).

Searching for codes on your own takes time and effort, especially when numerous unrelated posts get in the way. You can stay in the loop by bookmarking this page and coming back occasionally to see what’s new since we’re always hunting for the latest code drops!

Why Are My Anime Fighters Simulator Codes Not Working?

Occasionally, some Anime Fighters Simulator codes demand special requirements to work. You may need to follow the developer’s social accounts or join the Sulley Roblox group. In such cases, we’ll add a note so you’ll always know exactly what you need to do.

If you try to redeem a code from our Working list, but the redemption box won’t budge, try checking your spelling. No typos in your code and still no rewards can only mean one thing: your code has expired without any notice from the developer. Leave us a comment, and we’ll update our list accordingly.

Anime Fighters Simulator Wiki and Trello

Anime Fighters Simulator is a much more complex game than it may seem at first glance, and finding your footing may be challenging for rookies. Anime Fighters Simulator Wiki is a fantastic resource that offers an overview of fighters, modes, and game mechanics in case you need some help. If you want to learn more about rarities and various items, the Anime Fighters Simulator Trello board is an excellent resource to use.

What is Anime Fighters Simulator?

Anime Fighters Simulator is an ARPG Roblox experience inspired by popular Japanese franchises like Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and My Hero Academia. The game allows you to summon your favorite characters, defeat bosses, earn rewards, and unlock new exciting worlds pulled out straight from all of the beloved series of your childhood. 

If you love both Roblox and anime, visit our dedicated Roblox Codes section and claim more free rewards in many other popular experiences.

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