Possessor Codes (February 2024) — Are There Any?

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Possessor is an eerie ‘guess who’ game where you explore a haunted house. An evil spirit lurks around you, and you need to figure out which player is possessed by working together. If you get taken, you can watch a ghost impersonate your character!

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Possessor codes should bring more excitement to the game by granting many fun or useful goodies, but unfortunately, there are currently none that work. When the developers drop some codes, we will make sure to update this guide right away! If you enjoy games where you need to uncover similar mysteries, check out our Epic’s Murder Mystery 2 Codes article to get your hands on a bunch of great freebies in that game as well!

All Possessor Codes List

Active Possessor Codes

  • There are currently no active Possessor codes.

Expired Possessor Codes

  • There are currently no expired Possessor codes.

How to Redeem Codes in Possessor

Currently, there is no option to redeem Possessor codes. The developers are yet to add this feature to the game. Until then, we will continue to look for updates and will rework our article once the codes become available.

How Can You Get More Possessor Codes?

Make your search for Possessor codes easier by joining the Possessor Discord server to receive notifications about news and possible code releases. You can also become a Bonedry Roblox group member and get your updates that way, too.

These options are great if you want to research solo, but if you want to have an organized list of all codes on one page, our article is the way to go. We are dedicated to finding the latest codes, so bookmarking this guide and checking back from time to time is the most convenient way to stay in the loop. 

Why Are My Possessor Codes Not Working?

There are no Possessor codes at the moment, but it is always useful to know the most common issues that you can run into when redeeming Roblox codes in general:

  • Typing in codes incorrectly can happen if you lack focus or type too fast. To evade typos and prevent problems with claiming your free rewards, copy and paste the code directly from our list into the game.
  • Codes for Roblox games expire sooner rather than later. The developers rarely disclose expiration dates, so you may still find an inactive code on our Working list from time to time. Let us know if you discover an outdated code in this guide, and we will modify our lists accordingly.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Possessor

Other ways to get rewards in Possessor.
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We expect Possessor codes to be great, but you can also get free cash just by standing around and doing nothing. Enter the Void and go AFK for as long as you can to increase your budget. Join the server daily for five days, and grab free login rewards like coins and the hunt.

What Is Possessor?

Possessor is a Roblox horror game where you need to survive the night and discover who the possessed imposter is. The exorcist has the role of the protector, trying to determine who among you is the host for the evil spirit threatening to kill everyone in the room. The player who becomes the victim of the paranormal entity will lose control of their body and watch others from outside the map. They can still speak to other players and pretend to be one of them. If the exorcist captures the spirit, they will destroy the entity and save the remaining players. Otherwise, the ghost will take control of everyone around the priest and kill them.

Get your hands full of wonderful goodies by redeeming more Roblox codes, which you can find in our dedicated Roblox Codes section.

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