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The House TD Codes (April 2024)

Survive the haunted mansion by redeeming the latest The House TD codes!

Updated April 22, 2024: We looked for more codes!

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Mixing the gameplay elements of a classic tower defense game with a touch of horror, The House TD won me over with its quirky, spooky aesthetic. Unlike the traditional strategy games, here you’ll find yourself stuck in an abandoned mansion, surrounded by the hordes of evil lurking in every corner.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to make a deal with Death to get additional Soul Gems, Voodoo Coins, and Heroes. You can simply redeem our The House TD codes instead. Build the best army possible and face all the forces of evil prepared. And, if you want to conquer another similar experience, check out our Tower Defense X Codes and arm yourself with more free rewards. 

All The House TD Codes List

The House TD Codes (Working)

  • Chapter2 – x100 Soul Gems (New)
  • H75k – x10 Voodoo Coins (New)
  • HappyChristmas – x350 Snow Gems (New)
  • House50k – x10 Voodoo Coins
  • Happy40k – x200 Soul Gems
  • Souls30k – x200 Soul Gems
  • Thanks20k – x200 Soul Gems
  • Goatmelon – Melon Master

The House TD Codes (Expired)

  • Boom10k – x200 Soul Gems
  • House3k – x100 Soul Gems

How to Redeem Codes in The House TD

To redeem codes for The House TD, follow the steps below:

How to redeem The House TD codes
Screenshot by Prima Games
  1. Launch The House TD in Roblox.
  2. Click the Codes icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Insert your code into the Enter Code Here text box.
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard to claim your reward.

How Can You Get More The House TD Codes?

You can find more codes for The House TD by joining the official Discord server and following the developers’ X account (@TheHouseTD). However, keep in mind that there’s an easier route than digging through hundreds of posts. You can bookmark this article and visit it often instead. Since we’re hunting for new updates daily, it will ensure you’ll always stay in the loop.

Why Are My The House TD Codes Not Working?

Have you got the “Invalid” error message for The House TD codes before? The first thing you should do is double-check your spelling. Instead of inputting codes manually, try pasting them into the redemption box to avoid all typing mistakes. Aside from that, it’s also possible that your code has expired. Since the developers usually don’t specify the exact expiration dates, it’s hard to predict when that will happen. In case you notice an expired code on our working list, let us know, and we’ll update it accordingly. 

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in The House TD

Aside from redeeming The House TD codes, you can get plenty of free goodies by claiming your Playtime Gifts. To access this feature, click the gift icon on the bottom left side of the screen. This way, you can claim a ton of Soul Gems, Voodoo Coins, and even heroes. Remember to visit this feature as often as possible to ensure you’ll claim everything available and keep your streak going.

What Is The House TD?

The House TD is a Roblox tower defense game that implements horror elements. You can play solo or team up with other players as you defend the sprawling rooms of a haunted mansion from various menacing ghouls. Take the elevator, conquer the floors, and try to reach a level as high as possible. By doing so, you can earn money and use it to acquire urns that will provide you with new Heroes.

If you want more cool freebies for similar experiences, visit the other articles in our Roblox Codes section!

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