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Starfield How to Join Factions
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With most Bethesda role-playing games, you will inevitably stumble upon various factions with unique goals and requirements. These factions fight for power, justice, or just plain greed. And as such, there is one to align with most playstyles and moral compasses. In Starfield, there are four primary factions, with Constellation being the main quest line in the game, for players to join on the side. Here’s how to join every faction in Starfield.

How to Join Each Faction in Starfield

While you may only play one faction per playthrough, it’s always nice to know how to start a questline before diving in for sure. That way, if you’re like me, you can spend time planning your character in greater detail—build, equipment, faction, etc.

UC Vanguard

You must visit Commander Tuala in the MAST Building to enlist with the UC Vanguard. It’s just down the path from Constellation, and you’ll likely first meet Tuala while venturing out with Sarah Morgan.

During the initial conversation, Tuala will offer you the opportunity to enlist, serve the greater good, and become a citizen. But if you want to skip the Constellation route altogether, visit him yourself. He’ll still offer enlistment.

The UC Vanguard questline is quite exciting and lucrative. Each mission pays well, offers some equipment, and you get to fight Terrormorphs!

Freestar Rangers

To join the Freestar Rangers, you must visit Akila City. Your first trip here will likely be with Sam Coe of Constellation, a former Ranger himself. Upon arrival, you’ll note a bit of commotion in the city center, where an underway bank robbery and hostage situation has the local Marshal in dire straights.

It would be best if you offered to help. If you can solve the situation for him, he’ll offer you a position with the Freestar Rangers. You’ll then visit The Rock in Akila City, the home of the lawmen, where you’ll receive your first training mission before becoming a full-fledged agent.

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries is perhaps one of the most accessible factions to join initially. You’ll find a kiosk in New Atlantis offering job opportunities, and, as you can see from the screenshot above, it’s bright red and difficult to miss. To join, activate the kiosk, complete the questionnaire, and wait for your interview.

Ryujin Industries is located in Neon City, so you will have to travel after putting in your application. But once there, you’ll find Ryujin is similar in style to the corporations in Cyberpunk 2077. They frequently commit corporate espionage, aim for sky-high profits, and won’t hesitate to step on anyone. It’s the perfect stealth-type run!

Crimson Fleet

And finally, we have the Crimson Fleet. This is Starfield’s only “bad guy” faction, a ramshackle group of space pirates that loot, pillage, and steal spaceships. To join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, you must get into legal trouble or enlist with the UC Vanguard. Either path will lead you to UC SysDef, who asks you to go undercover and infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. But you’re not locked in as a secret agent. You have a choice.

If you so choose, you may remain with the Crimson Fleet and forego the UC SysDef altogether. If you opt for the pirate route, prepare for every law enforcement officer in the Settled Systems to hate your guts, but you’ll rake in the credits through boarding parties and selling contraband.

When you’re done with a faction questline, why not tackle a few bounties to become a lucrative hunter in Starfield?!

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