The Ultimate Bounty Hunting Guide for Starfield

Become the ultimate bounty hunter in Starfield with our comprehensive guide!

Starfield Bounty Hunting Mission
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I love to role-play in video games. Like many of you, I have spent countless hours across various Bethesda titles, especially The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, crafting different builds solely with role-play in mind. After all, these games were built from the ground up with “live another life” gameplay in mind, right? Starfield is no different, though it offers far more opportunities than ever. Whether you want to role-play as a bounty hunter or create a class similar to Jango Fett, it’s possible. To give you an overview, here is our ultimate bounty-hunting guide for Starfield!

How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield

Starfield Bounty Hunter on Starship
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The easiest way to become a Starfield bounty hunter is to start tackling jobs via the Mission Board. But if your goal is immersion and role-play, begin with a conversation. You can find a Trackers Alliance agent in most major cities. These bounty-hunting guild members sit idly by, waiting for recruits like yourself, and will happily strike up a conversation to discuss the benefits and genuine joy of tracking down wanted individuals.

Furthermore, most of these Trackers Alliance agents will have one unique side quest for you to tackle. For example, if you speak with the agent in Cydonia, she asks you to help her plant a tracking beacon on the nearby Mars Launch Pad. It’s an impressive little job with you leaping from platform to platform in Zero-G parkour. She pays well, too.

Afterward, she’ll tell you all about the Mission Board and how to become a bounty hunter for yourself!

How to Get Bounty Hunting Jobs

Starfield Mission Board
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But if you’d rather not speak to anyone, visit a Mission Board. They’re located in most major cities in the game, sitting directly beside the Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk in most pubs and lounges. For instance, you can find one in The Broken Spear in Cydonia or The Viewport in New Atlantis.

Once you activate the kiosk, a list of available jobs will appear on the right-hand side. These vary in difficulty, requirements, and payment. When it comes to bounty hunter missions, however, you want any that require hunting down targets, destroying ships, or saving hostages.

You will note other available missions, too. These often include survey missions for Constellation and other exploration groups, supply missions for settlements and businesses, and delivery jobs for the Trade Authority. They pay well, but they’re not bounties.

Recommended Jobs to Take as a Bounty Hunter

Starfield Bounty Hunting Side Missions
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Thanks to the Mission Board, you’ll stumble upon many different jobs as a bounty hunter. However, most of the jobs follow the same basic principle: go here, kill this enemy, get paid.

But hey, that’s the life of a bounty hunter.

If you want to make the most money, opt for space combat missions. These pay exceptionally well and, depending on your ship and skill level, prove relatively fast and straightforward to complete. You can jump into the corresponding stay system, eliminate a few ships, and jump out while earning some credits.

That said, if you’re anything like me, you genuinely enjoy the first-person shooter gameplay on the ground, so venturing into a point of interest to eliminate a Spacer Punk makes for a memorable and welcome change of scenery.

Recommended Skills to Complete Bounty Hunting Jobs

Starfield Bounty Hunter Skills
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We crafted an entire guide on how to build the best Bounty Hunter in Starfield, and it’s quite the read (Seriously, check it out!). But to give you a rundown, here are a few of the most recommended skills in Starfield that benefit a bounty hunter-like class:

  • Fitness: Increases your overall oxygen levels with every tier.
  • Wellness: Increases your total health pool with every tier.
  • Commerce: Improves buying and selling prices at any vendor in the Settled Systems.
  • Ballistics: Increases damage dealt by ballistic weapons of all types.
  • Rapid Reloading: Increases your overall reload speed.
  • Boost Pack Training: Unlocks and improves the ability to use a boost pack.

While certainly not all-encompassing, these skills provide a fantastic framework for a bounty hunter in Starfield. They cover your oxygen and health pools, weapon damage, money-making ability, and movement, making for a well-rounded and efficient character build.

Tips for Playing a Bounty Hunter Character in Starfield

When I started a new playthrough as a bounty hunter, I lacked motivation. I earned credits by completing odd jobs off the Mission Board and reinvesting the money into new weapons and starship components. After a time, I hit a ceiling. I was too powerful, and no one could contend with me. I needed motivation.

The Dream Home trait provides a planetside respite and a big bill that GalBank wants paid regularly. It’s the perfect motivation for a bounty hunter character. It’ll eat up credits and force you to keep working.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to jump into a faction questline. Ryujin and UC Vanguard offer excellent resources and training that will go a long way toward a bounty hunter character.

If you want to see other playstyles and character builds in Starfield, continue following Prima Games!

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