How to Get to Neon in Starfield

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Starfield Neon
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In Starfield, there are three major cities that you’ll be visiting throughout the course of the game. There’s New Atlantis, which you visit almost immediately and is your main hub world. Following that is Akila City, which you visit when getting the Artifact that Sam Coe has managed to locate. Finally, there’s Neon, a city that gives off serious cyberpunk vibes with its grungy neon aesthetic. Its location can be a mystery, though. Here’s how to get to Neon in Starfield.

Where to Find Neon in Starfield

Starfield Volii Alpha
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Neon can be found within the Volii system, located right and down from the Alpha Centauri system, where you first visit New Atlantis. The system has a level 5 requirement and houses a whole host of planets. For the purposes of this guide, we want to head to the planet Volii Alpha. On the planet, you’ll find Neon, which you’re free to travel to.

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If you want to wait until the story takes you to Neon before trying to branch out quickly, the main mission, All That Money Can Buy, where you help Walter Stroud secure an Artifact, will take you to Neon to complete the mission. We won’t spoil more than that in case you haven’t completed the mission yet.

What is Neon in Starfield?

Starfield Neon Interior
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Neon is a city situated on an entirely aquatic planet, sharing more in common with an oil platform than the other cities in Starfield. It was originally a fishing platform owned by the company Xenofresh Fisheries. After the discovery that one of the native fish offered drug-like psychotropic effects, the entire plan was switched to the production of the drug Aurora, with the platform being used to sell it. From there, it ballooned into the pleasure city it is today.

If you didn’t know, the city actually powers itself through lightning, thanks to the massive shroud over top of it. Since it’s constantly raining, lightning will hit that shroud, transferring the power into the city’s electricity. Talk about one way to keep energy efficient.

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