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How to Investigate the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts Legacy

Don't get stuck before Trial One.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Goblin Presence

Percival Rackham’s Trial is a challenging quest on its own due to the ancient magic-based puzzles and the final boss that serves as a guardian. However, it’s the first part of the Hogwarts Legacy quest that tells players to “Investigate the Goblin Presence” which can be more of a head-scratcher than the puzzles.

Unlike so many other aspects of Hogwarts Legacy, the task to investigate the Goblin presence doesn’t have any obvious markers. Instead, players need to rely on searching the area outside of the tower for evidence. Our guide will cover exactly where that evidence is so you can begin your Trial.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Investigate the Goblin Presence

When you arrive at the tower with Professor Fig, he’ll tell you to take the stealthy approach with all of the Rankrok Goblins ahead. You can follow his advice or you can simply take all of the enemies head-on with your combat spells. Either way, they need to be taken out to proceed to the next part.

With the Goblins taken out, it’s time to look for evidence of Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll notice a purple circle on the mini-map that shows where you need to investigate the Goblin presence. If you look toward the southeastern corner of that circle, you’ll see a tent-like structure next to the ruins.

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Head inside the tent and look at the table on the left side of the entrance. On the table, you’ll see a note that will help you investigate the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts Legacy. Read the note from Ranrok and then this part of Percival Rackhams Trial quest is finally over. Now you can enter the tower and the true Trial will begin.

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