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How Many Talent Points are in Hogwarts Legacy?

Only so much talent can be given.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Talent Points

Every Witch and Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy has some talent for magic that makes them incredibly powerful. However, we’re all still playing a video game and that power had to be limited to Talent Points so each playthrough would be just a little bit different in terms of abilities.

Once you’ve gone through a few main story quests and gained a few levels for your character, you’ll unlock Talents which are essentially just perks. You can’t unlock every perk in the game though. Only a certain amount of Talent Points can be earned, so use them wisely.

Hogwarts Legacy – How Many Talent Points Can be Unlocked?

In total, there are 35 Talent Points that can be earned in Hogwarts Legacy. After you reach level 5, you’ll start gaining a point with each new level. The maximum level within the game is currently level 40, and that means the maximum amount of Talent Points ends up being 35.

What complicates matters is the number of Talents that exist in the game. Players can choose from 48 different talents that are progressively unlocked for point spending with higher levels. Four Talent trees exist in Hogwarts Legacy, with 16 perks being placed in the core tree alone.

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None of these Talents is a requirement though, and you’ll be fine without most of them. The only Talent Point spending that feels mandatory is geared toward the extra spell bars for use in combat or exploration. Otherwise, they are all just fun bonuses to spells and overall damage in Hogwarts Legacy.

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