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How to Use Potions Simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy

Drink up!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Professor Sharp Potions

Students of Hogwarts learn fairly early on how to brew potions and use them so that they have an advantage in combat or world exploration. Professor Sharp wants us to take it a step further in Hogwarts Legacy, though, and one of his assignments asks players to use two potions simultaneously.

Most of the professor assignments in the game have vague instructions that don’t have a clear path. It’s up to the players to look for ways to complete the assignment, but many of them are simpler than they appear. Our guide will outline how to use potions simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy so you can continue classes.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Use Potions Simultaneously

Completing this assignment is much easier than you would think once you have the right potions. To use two potions simultaneously, all you have to do is drink them one after another. That means equipping one, using it, then doing the same thing before time runs out.

On a controller, equipping a potion is done by holding L1/LB and then letting go of the desired potion. Afterward, tap L1/LB and you’ll drink the potion. Do this with the Maxima and the Erubus Potions in quick succession to complete the assignment. Most potions last for around 10 seconds, so drinking them in that window is what makes them simultaneous.

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To easily get these potions for Professor Sharp, simply head over to J. Pippin’s Potions with at least 800 Galleons in hand. You can buy the recipes and craft as well, but you’ll need plenty of ingredients and far more Galleons at that moment. For now, you just need one of each requested brew so you can drink them simultaneously in Hogwarts Legacy.

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