How to Get Zoltun’s Warding in Diablo 4

It's a trap!

Zoltun's Warding Diablo 4
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If you want the best loot in the Vaults of Diablo 4 Season 3, you need to make sure that Zoltun’s Warding is active. This guide will outline how you can activate the blessing and how to make sure that it stays intact until the end.

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How to Use Zoltun’s Warding in Diablo 4 Season 3

Exchanging Pearls of Warding at the Statue of Zoltun Kulle will give you Zoltun’s Warding when you enter a Vault. One pearl can be used for 10 stacks of warding, and the limit goes all the way up to 999 stacks. I like using two pearls for standard Nightmare Vaults to save my stash for tougher challenges like the Echo of Malphas.

Zoltun's Warding Diiablo 4
Screenshot by Prima Games

When you spend a Pearl of Warding, ten stacks of Zoltun’s Warding will be applied to your character. However, getting through an entire Vault unscathed with just ten stacks can be a challenge. I recommend spending at least two or three pearls your first time in a Vault so that you can get used to how the traps work. After the January 26 update, maintaining stacks is far easier, but still not a guarantee.

D4: How to Activate Zoltun’s Warding:

  • Enter one of the five Vaults in Season 3.
  • Approach the Statue of Zoltun Kulle at the entrance of the Vault.
  • Exchange a Pearl of Warding to earn ten stacks.
  • Numerous Pearls can be spent for hundreds of stacks.

Taking damage from any trap in the Vault will remove one stack of Zoltun’s Warding from your character. This won’t affect the dungeon itself, but it can stop you from claiming the Wardwoven Chest at the end. To open the extra chest, you must have at least one stack of Warding left in a normal Vault run.

So, if you only use one Pearl of Warding at the start of the Vault, you can only get hit by traps on two occasions. I got through my first Vault in Diablo 4 by using two pearls, and I was able to get out with one stack left. The chest would’ve been locked if I hadn’t used at least two pearls. Once you get to Nightmare Vaults, more stacks for Zoltun’s Blessing will be even more important.

For those who just finished the Season of the Construct story, make sure you know how to unlock the Vaults themselves.

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