How to Augment the Seneschal Campanion in Diablo 4

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Seneschal Diablo 4
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Without any augments to the Magic Stones, the Seneschal won’t be of much use to your character in Season 3 of Diablo 4. To make the most of the companion in the Season of the Construct, I will cover how you can alter the robot in this guide.

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To augment the Seneschal, open the character screen and scroll to the left side tab, where you can swap out any Magic Stones. This tab serves as the seasonal screen like the Vampiric Powers before it, and it has eight different slots for you to experiment with. However, you won’t be able to fill all eight slots immediately.

Seneschal Augment Magic Stones.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Two of the slots are reserved for Governing Stones, and the other six are meant for Tuning Stones. These need to be unlocked by completing the tasks in the Seasonal Journey or by defeating the boss in The Vault dungeons within Season 3. Eventually, you will have enough Magic Stones to place in the empty slots of the Seneschal screen.

Governing Stones themselves will dictate how an entire ability functions. Then, you can add three tuning stones to slightly alter the lesser stats of the changed ability. Two Governing Stones on your augmented Seneschal means two altered abilities and three tuned slots for each one. Experimenting with the combinations is where the real meat of the season lies.

In total, there are 12 Governing Stones that you can collect, along with 27 Tuning Stones. Once you have enough stones, you can begin to craft more and fuse them. This leads to even stronger augmented Seneschal companions in Diablo 4. By the end of the season, your construct should easily be able to help you through the new Gauntlet feature.

When you start to grind out The Vaults in Season 3, don’t forget to open the Wardwoven Chests for more stones, and continue the search for new unique items.

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