How to Get to Aphelion Realty in Starfield

It's not a house, it's a home.

Starfield Aphelion Realty Clerk
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While you could simply do the main mission storyline of Starfield and be satisfied, you’ll be missing out on a lot of what the game offers you for content. One shining example of this is with the faction storylines, with each easily being the size of your average expansion and taking about as long to complete. One bit of side content you might miss is housing, which you’ll need to purchase to get started. Here’s how to get to Aphelion Realty in Starfield.

Where to Find Aphelion Realty in Starfield

Starfield Aphelion Realty
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Aphelion Realty can be found on the planet of Jemison in New Atlantis. For the fastest way to get there, travel to the MAST District using either the Planet View or the city’s tram. From there, head up the ramp and left toward the memorial. Next to the memorial will be an open building, labeled Aphelion Realty.

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Once inside, speak to Zora Sangweni and select the option “I’d like to hear about what you have for sale.”. Provided you’re a United Colonies citizen (more on that in a moment), you’ll be able to purchase an apartment in the Well for 30,000 Credits. Give her the Credits, then take the path down there to check out your new home.

How to Become a United Colonies Citizen

Starfield Commander Tuala
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If you’re looking to become a United Colonies citizen, then you’ll want to progress through the UC Vanguard storyline until you’re granted citizenship. If you have yet to start it, you’ll want to speak to Commander Tuala. He can be found in the MAST building above the ramp you used to enter earlier. Speaking with him will allow you to begin the mission Supra Et Ultra and join the Vanguard, through which you can begin that mission line.

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