Starfield: All House Locations and How to Get Them

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Starfield lets you live out your wildest fantasy, from traveling through the stars to making friends. But one of the wildest things Starfield has to offer is the ability to buy property on multiple planets. Here is our list of all the houses in Starfield, and how to get them.

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All Houses in Starfield

Photo of house in Starfield
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Some houses are a little more decadent than others. But most planets will let you set up a permanent place to stay for the right price. Here are all the locations you can make home sweet home.

House NameHouse LocationHow to ObtainCost
The Sky SuiteAstral Lounge, NeonSpeak to the bartender.235,000 Credits
SleepcrateEbbside, NeonSpeak to the kiosk attendant in Ebbside. Actual crate located on other side of Ebbside.6,500 Credits
The Well ApartmentThe Well, New AtlantisRequires UC Citizenship.30,000 Credits 
New Atlantis Penthouse
Residential District, New Atlantis Complete United Colonies Faction StorylineFree
The Lodge The Lodge, New Atlantis Join Constellation Free
Mercury Tower PenthouseResidential District, JemisonComplete all of the United Colonies Vanguard questsFree
Parent’s HomePioneer Tower, JemisonPick Kid Stuff trait during character creationFree
Stretch ApartmentAkila City, AkilaTalk to Ngodup Tate45,000 credits
Core ManorAkila City, AkilaTalk to Ngodup Tate75,000 credits
Dream Home Nesoi, OlympusPick Dream Home trait125,000 credits

All Free Starfield Houses

Here are all the Starfield houses that are free to the player, but require additional quest completion or certain starts.

The Lodge Room (New Atlantis)

Starfield Constellation Lodge
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Lodge serves as Constellation’s headquarters, the exploration faction tasked with delving into the mysteries surrounding “Artifacts” in Starfield’s main quest line. Join the Constellation faction to get access to this Starfield house for free. Beyond being a hub for mission assignments, it provides players the option to reside in one of its numerous bedrooms.

After taking on several quests for the faction, players can engage with Noelle for a brief tour. She’ll guide you through the premises, highlighting a spare room designated for item storage. This space doubles as a convenient spot for rest and health restoration when necessary, and players can easily fast-travel to it, a rare feature to many other player homes.

New Atlantis Penthouse

photo of New Atlantis Penthouse
Screenshot via Prima Games

The Penthouse stands as the largest urban residence available to players in Starfield. However, obtaining it isn’t a straightforward transaction with a real estate agent, as is the case with many other properties. Securing this player home requires the successful completion of the United Colonies faction questline.

Commence the journey by visiting the MAST center in New Atlantis and engaging in conversation with Tuala. After attaining citizenship in the UC, players must then successfully navigate the Vanguard exam, officially earning the title of UC Vanguard. This achievement involves undertaking a series of missions on behalf of the faction.

Mercury Tower Penthouse (Jemison)

Mercury Tower Penthouse Starfield
Screenshot via Prima Games

Mercury Tower Penthouse is located in Residential District on the planet Jemison.

By successfully completing the UC Faction Questline, players can earn the prestigious Mercury Tower Penthouse as a free reward. Those who have concluded the quest “A Legacy Forged” can approach Zora Sangweni at Aphelion Realty to acquire the keys for the penthouse. Find Zora Sangweni at Aphelion Realty, situated across the entrance to the MAST Tower. Talk to her after finishing the UC Faction Questline to receive the keys to the coveted penthouse.

Parent’s House

Starfield Kid Stuff Perk Parents
Screenshot by Prima Games

Players picking the Kid Stuff trait will get to interact with two NPC parents in Starfield. These characters make amusing and memorable cameos across the Settled Systems, offering not only unique and funny dialogue, but also a cozy bed and a restful haven whenever required.

Situated in the Residential District of New Atlantis, the home can be found in Pioneer Tower. Unlike other Starfield houses, the parents’ home is unalterable. The smaller of the two bedrooms serves as the sole area where players can sleep or store their belongings.

All Mid-Priced Starfield Houses

The Cheapest: Sleep Crate (Neon)

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Sleep Crate is the most affordable Starfield house. Priced at a mere 6,500 credits, players can acquire this dwelling by visiting the Sleep Crate vendor situated directly opposite Ebbside.

Despite its compact and dated exterior, this house is open to customization, and even has a space to store items like the psychedelic fish-drug Aurora. It’s worth noting that transporting Aurora outside the city carries the peril of imprisonment.

The Well Apartment (New Atlantis)

Starfield The Well Apartment
Screenshot by Prima Games

In New Atlantis, The Well might not boast the grandeur of other districts, but it serves as an excellent starting point for players seeking independence or those without the Kid Stuff or Dream Home traits. The district proves practical, hosting various useful stores, including the city’s Trade Authority outpost.

Players can obtain this home upon achieving citizenship in the United Colonies through their faction questline. After this milestone, players can either rent or purchase the apartment outright for 30,000 credits from the Aphelion Realty building.

The Stretch Apartment (Akila)

Starfield Akila City Stretch Home Interior
Screenshot by Prima Games

Situated in the somewhat rugged district of The Stretch in Akila City, this apartment offers proximity to essential amenities and is conveniently located near the city entrance, overlooking Sinclair’s Books. Purchasing the apartment, priced at 45,000 credits, requires players to consult Ngodup Tate, a real estate agent stationed outside the Core Manor.

All Expensive Starfield Houses

Core Manor (Akila)

Starfield Akila City Core Manor Interior
Screenshot by Prima Games

Nestled in Akila City’s prestigious neighborhood, Core Manor exudes tranquility and history. This house costs 75,000 credits, and players looking to purchase the Core Manor need to go to the back of The Rock, passing the Lance estate and Freestar Collective Consulate. Ngodup Tate, the real estate agent outside, handles the purchase.

Dream Home (Nesoi)

Starfield Nesoi Dream Home
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Dream Home house is exclusive to the players who chose the Dream Home trait during character creation. This is a very large house, and players won’t have to worry about neighbors since you’ll have half of Nesoi to yourself. Despite its grandeur, immediate access is not granted.

If you want to buy this home, you will need visit the clerk in the New Atlantis Galbank, who will explain that the property can either be rented for 500 credits weekly, or bought for the outright sum of 125,000 credits.

The Sky Suite (Neon)

Starfield Neon Sky Suite Balcony
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Sky Suite in Neon’s Trade Tower is the most expensive Starfield house players can buy in the game, costing you 235,000 credits. The good news is that you don’t need to complete any special, don’t have to join a specific faction, nor do you need to choose a perk in character creation. All you need is the credits! Players can purchase the home at any point in the story by speaking with the bartender Boone in the Astral Lounge, which you can find in the Trade Tower at the end of the Bayu Plaza district of town.

What is the Cheapest House in Starfield?

Besides all of the homes that can be acquired for free, the cheapest house in Starfield will be the Sleep Crate. This humble abode can be acquired for a measly 6,500 credits after getting it from the Kiosk Attendant in Ebbside.

Which is the Best House in Starfield

If you’re curious which house is best, it’s definitely the New Atlantis Penthouse. it has three rooms, a massive master bedroom and bathroom, and two huge balconies. It’s the most lavish house in the galaxy.

The Worst Starfield House

We regret spending the 235,000 Credits on the Neon penthouse, which is significantly smaller and doesn’t have a dedicated bedroom.

Now that you have a house, you may find that decorating your new apartment isn’t as intuitive as you might have hoped, especially when it comes to using items in your inventory. But with a few quick pointers, you’ll be decorating with ease.

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