Starfield: All House Locations and How to Get Them

Home is where your stolen loot is

Starfield lets you live out your wildest fantasy, from traveling through the stars to making friends. But one of the wildest things Starfield has to offer is the ability to buy property on multiple planets. And, hey, some of it’s even affordable. Here are all the possible house locations in Starfield and what hoops you’ll have to jump through to get them.

All Possible House Locations in Starfield

Photo of house in Starfield
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Some houses are a little more decadent than others. But most planets will let you set up a permanent place to stay for the right price. Here are all the locations you can make home sweet home.

House NameHouse LocationHow to ObtainCost
The Sky SuiteAstral Lounge, NeonSpeak to the bartender.235,000 Credits
SleepcrateEbbside, NeonSpeak to the kiosk attendant in Ebbside. Actual crate located on other side of Ebbside.6,500 Credits
The Wells ApartmentThe Wells, New AtlantisRequires UC Citizenship.30,000 Credits 
New Atlantis Penthouse
Residential District, New Atlantis Complete United Colonies Faction StorylineFree
The Lodge The Lodge, New Atlantis Join Constellation Free
Mercury Tower PenthouseResidential District, JemisonComplete all of the United Colonies Vanguard questsFree
Parent’s HomePioneer Tower, JemisonPick Kid Stuff trait during character creationFree
Stretch ApartmentAkila City, AkilaTalk to Ngodup Tate45,000 credits
Core ManorAkila City, AkilaTalk to Ngodup Tate75,000 credits
Dream Home Nesoi, OlympusPick Dream Home trait125,000 credits
This list is currently in progress. We’re updating this as we find more houses!

Which is the Best House in Starfield

photo of New Atlantis Penthouse
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If you’re curious which house is best, it’s definitely the New Atlantis Penthouse. it has three rooms, a massive master bedroom and bathroom, and two huge balconies. It’s easily the best house in the galaxy. We regret spending the 235,000 Credits on the Neon penthouse, which is significantly smaller and doesn’t have a dedicated bedroom.

Now that you have a house, you may find that decorating your new apartment isn’t as intuitive as you might have hoped, especially when it comes to using items in your inventory. But with a few quick pointers, you’ll be decorating with ease.

What is the Cheapest House in Starfield?

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Besides all of the homes that can be acquired for free, the cheapest house in Starfield will be the Sleep Crate. This humble abode can be acquired for a measly 6,500 credits after getting it from the Kiosk Attendant in Ebbside.

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