How to Complete War Relics in Starfield

Hadrian's robot friend could use some assistance, and a way home.

Starfield Kaiser Broken
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Starfield offers up some surprisingly in-depth faction missions, each providing you with something unique to do in the sea of jobs you’ll take on. If you’re looking for the best side missions, then the Crimson Fleet mission line should be your go-to, but that doesn’t stop some others from feeling solid on their own. One such mission comes during the latter half of the United Colonies faction missions. Here’s how to complete War Relics in Starfield.

Starfield War Relics Walkthrough

The War Relics mission appears upon completing the previous The Devils You Know mission, along with the handful of other United Colonies missions beforehand. With Vae Victis’ target dealt with, he’s bringing his part of the deal to fruition. He can get everyone from Hadrian’s old team back to the lab to help study Terrormorphs, except for one. That one is Kaiser.

Report to Hadrian

Before you can get Kaiser and bring him to the lab, you’ll need to get Hadrian and Dr. Walker’s help to get him to cooperate. They can be found at the Red Devils Headquarters on Mars in the Sol system, which you went to during one of the earlier missions to meet Dr. Walker. Head inside and past all the new staff members to meet with Hadrian.

Starfield Hadrian War Relics
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The both of you will do some catching up before she mentions there’s more work in the Terrormorph data than she knows what to do with. Thankfully, you came here with that plan already. She’ll wonder about where you got the information from, through which you can either tell her the truth or not. I told her the truth, and it opened up some pretty interesting dialogue. I suggest it, but it’s completely up to you.

Starfield Hadrian Kaiser Data
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After the conversation is done, Hadrian will lead you to some files where she’ll give you a slate with some data. She’ll also reveal that Kaiser is a robot and gives you the phrase to handle getting him to cooperate.

Search for Kaiser on Niira

Starfield Gel 1-of-a-Kind-Salvage
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Kaiser can be found on the planet Niira, located within the Narion system. Land at the 1-of-a-Kind Salvage Ianding zone and head in through one of the airlocks on the back of the nearest building. Speak with Gel and ask him about Kaiser’s location, and he’ll mention that he doesn’t know about a Kaiser, but does know about a robot they refer to as Captain Ahab, who conveniently fits the description. He’s apparently been hunting something called a Siren, though no one’s seen him for a while.

Gel offers you two options. You can either go find Kaiser yourself, or he can sell you what he knows about Kaiser’s location. From here, you’re technically presented with three options. You can:

  • Go find Kaiser yourself.
  • Pay him 1,000 Credits.
  • Persuade him to drop the price to 675 Credits.
Starfield Kaiser's Location Syracuse
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I’ll admit that I persuaded and paid him since I have a ton of Credits saved up, but you can take whichever path you want. If you don’t feel like paying, it’d sure be a shame if I told you that Kaiser was located at the Syracuse, the crashed ship at the other end of the salvage yard. Thankfully I didn’t tell you that.

Starfield Kaiser Downed State
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Jokes aside, head over to the Syracuse and use the door on the side of the ship to enter. Inside, you’ll find Kaiser finally, but he’s not looking so hot. Shoot the bugs off of him and unlock his voice controls using the password Hadrian gave you earlier. This will unlock him, but he’ll unfortunately need a MicroCell to power himself back up.

Find a MicroCell

Starfield MicroCell
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To get a MicroCell, head back to 1-of-a-Kind Salvage and speak to Gel again. He’ll say that he could get you a MicroCell, but it won’t come cheap. While you can go look for the supplies yourself, I’d suggest getting the locations off of Gel instead. You can also buy a MicroCell from him, but seeing as it costs 11000 Credits, it’s not worth the money.

Starfield Industrial Workbench
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Once you have the required supplies, head to an Industrial Workbench and build the MicroCell. There are Industrial Workbenches inside the metal container cubes across the scrapyard. There’s also one in the 1-of-a-Kind Salvage building next to Gel’s office, should you need it. Return the MicroCell to Kaiser and power him on. While he won’t return to help Hadrion just yet, you can help him complete his original mission.

Follow Kaiser to the Mission Site

Starfield XW-99 Cage
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To help Kaiser finish his mission, you’ll need to follow him to a mission site and help him take down a powerful Siren. While he does manage to find his target, it appears Ecliptic forces are surrounding “XW-99”. Considering their most likely plan is to use the Siren to their own ends, it’s time to make your way in and slaughter. Thankfully, it seems Kaiser agrees.

Keep in mind that the Siren is extremely tanky, so you’ll need a lot of ammo to kill it. You should also take down the Ecliptic forces first since they have range, while the Siren doesn’t have much in the way of ranged attacks. Using a boost pack and high ground prevents it from doing much.

Once the Siren is dealt with, speak with Kaiser, who is now willing to join you and Hadrian back at the Terrormorph lab. Return there and talk to both Hadrian and Kaiser to end the War Relics mission.

If you need help with another mission, check out our guide on how to complete the Deputized mission in Starfield.

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