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The threat of the Terrormorphs is growing increasingly concerning in Starfield. While the attack on Tau Ceti II was isolated if tragic, the attack on the New Atlantis spaceport represents a potentially stronger threat than anyone could’ve realized. It’s clear now that you and Hadrian need that data, though you can’t get it without agreement from the other members of the Armistice. Here’s how to complete Friends Like These in Starfield.

Starfield Friends Like These Walkthrough

To get access to Friends Like These, you’ll first need to have completed the four UC missions that precede it. Now that we have the support of the UC in opening the Armistice Archives, it’s time to gain the support of both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun.

Speak to Deputy MacIntyre

Starfield Deputy MacIntyre
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To get help with contacting the other members of the Armistice, you’ll need the Internal Affairs head Deputy MacIntyre. She’s located on the Cabinet Chambers / Interstellar Affairs floor of the MAST building. Speak with her, and she’ll explain the situation you’re in. You need to get into the Archives, and this requires an extensive process due to how dangerous access can be.

Both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun ambassadors are going to be tough to convince to give assistance, so you’ll need to use your own methods to get the access codes or get them to cooperate. She doesn’t want you to use violence, but she is open to you “getting creative” to reach these goals.

Ambassador Radcliff of Freestar is known for being a bit stubborn and having a thing for getting in the way of the UC. Thankfully, the UC also has leverage through way of a recording device planted in her living quarters. As for Ambassador Bal’mor of House Va’ruun, he may be more willing to cooperate since he’s agreed to requests for the Archives in the past, but the UC isn’t certain he’s still alive. With all this information in hand, and a few helping hands from Deputy MacIntyre, you’re ready to begin.

Acquire the Freestar Collective Archival Code

Starfield Ambassador Radcliff
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We’ll start by heading over to Ambassador Radcliff and attempting to get her support. Her office can be found at the Freestar Collective embassy to the northwest of the MAST tower’s front door. Head inside and take the elevator down. At the other end of this floor will be Ambassador Radcliff in her office, who you’ll want to speak to.

Within moments of chatting, you’ll quickly realize Radcliff isn’t too interested in giving you access to the Archives. She believes it’s there because it’s dangerous, and doesn’t want to let it get out to the wrong people (the UC). If you’d like, you can execute a Persuasion speech check for her to grant you access and to avoid any unnecessary trips to her home. I suggest going this route despite how painful the RNG of it can be since it gets things over with fast and without issue.

Starfield Cameron Long
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If, for whatever reason, you don’t have enough points in Persuasion or want to take another route, there are a few other options. There’s an FC Embassy staff member named Cameron Long, who you can lie to to get access to her living quarters. Inside her quarters will be a potted plant, which has incriminating evidence you can use. Alternatively, you can pickpocket her Freestar Code Machine Key, then head to the basement and unlock the Master door to the Code Machine. How you do this is up to you.

Acquire House Va’ruun’s Archival Code

Starfield House Varuun Embassy Side Door
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Once you have the Freestar Collective’s Archival Code, it’s time to pay a visit to the House Va’ruun embassy. The side door to gain access can be found in between the embassy itself and the Galbank building within the Commercial District. Open the door, head down the hall, then into the embassy. Inside, you’ll find an elevator that leads to the embassy floor.

Starfield House Varuun Embassy Floor
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The embassy floor has clearly seen better days, with things clearly in disrepair and a voice calling out to you. It’ll lead you through the floor, though be mindful of the hallucinogenic effects of the gas the trees down here produce. They aren’t a great combo with robots who wish for nothing more than to kill you.

Starfield Ambassador Bal'mor
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Keep on moving through the embassy floor and throwing the switches this strange voice tells you, venting the gas with each switch and letting you come back to reality. You’ll have a quick fight in the basement, then will be able to speak with Ambassador Bal’Mor. He’ll be grateful that you helped him with the attack on the spaceport and says he’ll provide his access code under one condition: you use the code for good so that House Va’ruun’s legacy can be more than just death and destruction. Seems like a fair request.

Return to Deputy MacIntyre and Report to the Armistice Archives

Starfield Armistice Archives
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With both Archival Codes in hand, make your way back to Deputy MacIntyre in Interstellar Affairs. She’ll be a bit surprised by happy to see you succeeded. She’s already set everything up with the Armistice Archive, so you’ll just need to head there and follow their instructions. Once you’re done speaking with her, head over to the Armistice Archives across the plaza from the MAST tower.

Approach the Monitor Station and Speak With the Archives Staff

Once inside the Archives, take the elevator down and speak with the staff at the Monitor Station. They’ll want you to inside the Archival Codes into three different receptacles around the room, all marked. This will open the Archives, with you being granted access to Unit 18, with the Terrormorph data. Take this data back to the MAST building and give it to Hadrian, back where you first met with Deputy MacIntyre.

Speak with MacIntyre and Get Your UC Citizenship

Starfield United Colonies Citizen Swearing In
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Surprise! Thanks to your efforts, the UC is now granting you Citizenship. Follow Ms. MacIntyre into the Cabinet Chambers and out onto the balcony, where you’ll be officially given Citizenship within the United Colonies. Congratulations.

Alongside earning your Citizenship, she’ll also mention that a member of the UC wants to speak with you. They have information on the Terrormorphs and have only agreed to speak with you. You’ll need to keep it confidential, though that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, this ends the Friends Like These mission.

If you’re looking for help with some other missions, check out our guide on how to complete the mission Deep Cover in Starfield.

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