How to Complete Deputized in Starfield

Becoming a member of the infamous Freestar Rangers.

Starfield Deputy Outfit
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While the main missions of Starfield are plenty fulfilling as you uncover the mystery of the Artifacts, completing faction missions can be quite engaging and almost feel like a DLC of their own. The Crimson Fleet mission line for example is very good, and is worth your time if you have yet to complete it. One mission line is for the Freestar Rangers, the army of the Freestar Collective. Besides the Job Gone Wrong quest during the main story, the first optional faction mission for them sees you join their ranks. Here’s how to complete Deputized in Starfield.

Starfield Deputized Walkthrough

To unlock Deputized, you must first complete the mission Job Gone Wrong, which is mandatory to continue the main campaign of Starfield. After handling the bank robbers, the Marshal will tell you to meet up with Emma Wilcox in the Rock if you want to become a Freestar ranger.

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All Deputized Mission Steps

  • Talk to Emma Wilcox
  • Complete a Freestar Ranger Mission
  • Talk to Marshal Blake
  • Travel to Waggoner Farm
  • Talk to Mikaela Waggoner
  • Find the Ruffians by Examining Their Tracks
  • Confront the Ruffians
  • Search for Clues in the Camp
  • Talk to Mikaela Waggoner

Talk to Emma Wilcox

Starfield Emma Wilcox
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To kick things off, head to the Rock in Akila City and head upstairs. At one of the tables will be Emma Wilcox, who will mention your desire to recruit and give you some background about the Freestar Rangers and how they’re the police of the Freestar Collective space. She isn’t sure about your skills yet though, even though you handled the hostage situation. As such, she wants you to complete one of their missions to prove your worth.

Complete a Freestar Ranger Mission

Starfield Freestar Rangers Mission Board
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To complete a Freestar Ranger mission, head over to the mission board near Emma and choose one of the missions. Since these are randomly placed, I unfortunately can’t give you a path toward completing it. However, you’ll generally have to either kill an enemy of the Freestar Collective or rescue a hostage.

Once you’ve completed whatever Freestar mission you were given, return to Akila City and talk to Emma again. She’ll be happy that you did what she asked and bring you to the Marshal to talk.

Talk to Marshal Blake

Starfield Marshal Blake
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Once you meet Blake, have a chat with him. He’ll initiate you and give you some starting gear to work with (including a beautiful pistol), along with congratulating you on becoming a Freestar Ranger Deputy. Emma will then mention that there’s a farmer asking for help on the planet of Montara Luna, as someone is trying to steal her land. Emma will accompany you to the farm.

Travel to Waggoner Farm and Talk to Mikaela Waggoner

Starfield Mikaela Waggoner

As mentioned, Waggoner Farm is found on the moon of Montara Luna, within the Cheyenne system. Upon landing dead center of the farm, head over to Mikaela and chat with her. She’ll mention how some soldier-looking folk walked onto her farm and offered to buy the farm. Given that the offer was insultingly low, she told them to shove it, to which they threatened her if she said no again. They retreated back to the canyons behind her house, which is your next stop.

Find the Ruffians by Examining Their Tracks

Starfield Canyon Deputized
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Heading down a nearby path will reveal some boot tracks leading further into the canyon. Continue to follow them down the path until you drop down into the canyon, where Swarming Sunflowers will be scurrying around. Dispatch them and interact with the boot tracks, then continue down the canyon. Watch your step though, as a few mines are scattered around the path. You may also find the odd turret here and there, alongside giant Octomaggots.

Confront the Ruffians

Starfield Ruffian Leader
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Once you finally reach the end of the tracks, you’ll come upon the camp of the Ruffians. Their leader will want to speak with you, though he doesn’t think much of the small squad you have going here. No matter what dialogue options you choose, the Ruffians will want to kill you, and you’ll be forced into a firefight. Be careful, since the Ruffian Leader is wielding a powerful lightning weapon.

Search For Clues in the Camp

Starfield Job's Done Slate
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Once you kill all of them, speak to Emma and she’ll want to find clues to figure out why these Ruffians were going after Ms. Waggoner. Thankfully you won’t need to go far, as the Ruffian Leader will have a “Job’s Done” slate on his body. Grab it, then read it through the Notes tab in your inventory. The slate talks about the Ruffian’s ship that was stolen from HopeTech, and how it would be dropped off once they have the credits. Give the slate to Emma to complete this step of the mission.

Talk to Mikaela Waggoner Again

Once you show her the slate, she’ll be a bit confused but wants to deliver the good news to Ms Waggoner. Now, you could travel all the way back on foot and talk to her, but that’s going to take a while. Instead, open up your map and fast-travel back to Waggoner Farm. Speak with Miss Waggoner who will appreciate that they’re no longer an issue. This will complete the mission.

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