How to Complete Eyewitness in Starfield

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Eyewitness Starfield
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With a Terrormorph sample in hand, it’s time to convince the UC Cabinet that there is a major threat looming for humans in the Eyewitness Starfield mission. I’ll take you through the full guide on how to complete the UC Vanguard quest in Starfield, which starts with arguments and ends with more action.

Meet Hadrian in New Atlantis as an Eyewitness (Starfield)

The first step in the Eyewitness mission is to meet Hadrian outside of the MAST district in New Atlantis. This Jemison city is the main headquarters for the UC Vanguard and the exact place where you need to argue with the Cabinet over accessing the Xenowarfare files.

Hadrian Starfield
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Hadrian is waiting for you outside the main UC Vanguard building after your last meeting on Mars. Now that you have a Terrormorph sample, the backing of two Xenowarfare scientists, and your own account, it’s time to convince the higher-ups.

How to Address the Cabinet in Starfield

Addressing the Cabinet in the UC Vanguard chambers is all about telling your side of the story and convincing them of the Terrormorph threat. Your job at this point in the Eyewitness mission is to persuade all cabinet members to give Hadrian access to the Xenowarfare files once again. They have been hidden away for a reason.

Cabinet Starfield
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One Cabinet member is entirely against the use of the files, but even they can be convinced of the Terrormorph threat in Starfield. After a few minutes of talking, there will be a lockdown of New Atlantis and a small-scale Terrormorph attack will begin. It’s up to you to stop it.

How to Incapacitate the Attackers in Eyewitness (Starfield)

To incapacitate the attackers in the station, you need to equip the EM weapon that was given to you moments ago by the UC Vanguard. You can find the EM-modified Equinox in your inventory. Only use this weapon on the attackers because it will simply electrify them and put them to sleep once the meter fills up.

EM Weapon Starfield
Equip the EM Weapon from your inventory (Screenshot by Prima Games).

Any other weapons used will essentially kill the mind-controlled civilians, and this is the exact opposite of how to convince the Cabinet. After you deal with the attackers, it’s time to move on to the real Terrormorph threat on the other side of the NAT Station.

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You get to keep the EM weapon after this section of the Eyewitness mission, but it’s no longer required. I decided to have all my ballistic weapons at the ready to take the danger down without any hiccups.

How to Eliminate the Terrormorphs in Starfield (Eyewitness)

Terrormorphs are tough, but to eliminate them, you just need your best weapons and some distractions. After speaking to Sergeant Yumi, you can recruit some of the Vanguard soldiers that you just helped out. They will follow you to the next two Terrormorph locations in the Spaceport, and they are fantastic distractions.

Terrormorph Starfield
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While they pull all the attention, just light up the Terrormorphs with the highest-damage ammunition you have and watch the health meter go down. You only need to beat two of these alien monsters, but in my own playthrough, that was enough for my spare soldiers to be torn apart. Unfortunately, there was no saving them.

Speak to Abello in the MAST Cabinet Chambers

Now that the threat is dealt with in New Atlantis, it’s time to return to the Cabinet. They have seen firsthand how bad this can truly be for humans around the galaxy. Terrormorphs are a threat to all human existence and the Cabinet will no longer stand in your way of the files.

Abello Starfield
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President Abello is one of the first to thank you and she ensures that you have access to what you need for the battles to come. This is really just the beginning of the threats to come in the rest of the Starfield UC Vanguard line.

If the Terrormorph fight used up all your resources, make sure you know where to buy ammo in Starfield.

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