How to Complete A Legacy Forged in Starfield

It's time to get some answers.

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While some of the earlier missions in Starfield’s faction mission lines ca be a touch slow, the same often can’t be said about some of the missions that come later on. These tend to bring everything to a head and offer up some of the most exciting gameplay the game has to offer. One such mission is the Hostile Intelligence mission, which serves as the major excitement point of the United Colonies mission line. Now, there’s only one thing left to do. Here’s how to complete A Legacy Forged in Starfield.

Starfield A Legacy Forged Walkthrough

A Legacy Forged is the final mission of the United Colonies mission line, following up all the excitement that was the trip to Londinion. Now that it’s become clear what and who caused the Terrormorphs to start spreading, it’s time to get some answers.

Speak to Vae Victis

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Given the overwhelming evidence against him, it’s time to see what Vae Victis has to say for himself. He can be found on the Subsection Seven floor of the MAST tower, where you met up with him before. Speak with him, and as much as he tries to use wordplay against you, he’ll admit that he orchestrated the attacks on both New Atlantis and Tau Ceti II.

His reasoning for doing so does make some small level of sense. He wanted to seal off the Lazarus Plant to prevent the UC or the Freestar Collective from getting access to it, hence why he bombed the spaceport. As for afterward, he was frustrated that his legacy was obliterated over the decision to protect people from something that could quickly become much worse. He could save his daughter’s legacy, though, and orchestrated attacks so that she’d research the Terrormorphs and be the savior of humanity. He’d also gain a power of influence through using Doctor Reginald Orlase as a scapegoat.

He offers you something more with all that in mind. He has more threats to the UC that he could make examples of and wants you to be part of that. He wants to bring you, Hadrian, and himself to glory, and all you need to do is confirm what he’s said. You don’t have to make the choice yet. Instead, you need to talk with Hadrian and Percival.

Speak to Hadrian and Percival

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Speak with both Hadrian and Percival, and they’ll reveal that the microbe and Aceles are both effective methods of taking out Terrormorphs and Heatleeches. From here, you can choose to either tell Hadrian the truth or let Orlase take the fall. I suggest telling her the truth since she’ll be equally disgusted. While his plan does make sense, it takes some really twisted logic to figure that one out. With that out of the way, it’s time to speak with the Cabinet and get them to weigh in on everything.

Address the Cabinet

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Speaking with the UC Cabinet, they’ll be concerned that the Terrormorphs were a planned attack. As for who you pin the blame on, nothing but the story details here matter for your choice. You won’t get any extra rewards by choosing to blame Vae Victis or Orlase, but I suggest blaming Vae since he has a pretty messed up mindset that would cost tons of innocent lives.

Once the business with Victis is handled, they’ll want to seal the Lazarus plant on Londinion. You can choose a few other options here, though it won’t change much outside of companion affinity. As for the final choice of using the microbe or Aceles, the same as before still applies. It doesn’t actually change much, and instead, it just changes companion affinity. Feel free to choose whichever you’d like.

No matter what you choose there, you, Hadrian, and Dr. Walker will all be considered Class One Citizens, and the meeting will be adjourned. Optionally, you can chat with Commander Tuala down in the lobby to get access to the “Class One benefits,” being a New Atlantis penthouse alongside 12,000 bonus Credits. Congratulations on completing the United Colonies mission line!

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