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How to Get More Moonstone in Hogwarts Legacy

You'll find these once in a blue moon-stone.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone

If you’ve made it through enough of the main story quests, you likely have the Room of Requirement unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy. This room gives players plenty of space to add all kinds of devices for crafting and resource accumulation, but you need Moonstone resources to build it all.

Some of the devices, especially later in the game, require a hefty amount of Moonstones to conjure, so it’s important to stack up on as many as you can. The good news is that there are a few different ways to get the blue stones and we’ll cover all of them in our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get More Moonstone

The easiest way to get the blue crystals is to search rocky areas of the open world. Areas with mountains and plenty of crevices will have tons of Moonstone deposits. Simply hitting these deposits will provide you with at least one stone, but sometimes you’ll get more. Use Revelio to highlight any of the potential stones around the area.

Another great way to obtain some Moonstone, once you’ve farmed a decent amount of the crystal, is to conjure up a Material Refiner. Head to Hogsmeade and walk into the Tomes and Scrolls shop. With enough progress, you should have access to Material Refiners of different sizes. Be prepared to spend a couple of thousand Galleons depending on what you get. Once you have it though, you can start “planting” Moonstone in the Room of Requirement.

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One final way to at least get some Moonstone back in Hogwarts Legacy is to use the Evanesco Transfiguration spell that Professor Weasley teaches you. This spell allows you to deconstruct unwanted items in the Room of Requirement to earn back some Moonstones. Then you can go ahead and conjure up exactly what you want.

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