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Where to Find Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Catching magical beasts becomes one of the most important game mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy if you want to become a truly powerful Wizard or Witch. That means you’ll need to catch creatures like Unicorns and Thestrals to get all of the materials used in the Room of Requirement.

Some creatures, like the Puffskein, are incredibly easy to find and catch if you have access to the Nab-Sack from Deek. In this case, you’re looking for Thestrals, which are already hard enough to see for most people. Luckily, you’ve seen plenty of Dark Wizards perish and now you just need some Hogwarts Legacy beast locations.

Hogwarts Legacy – Where to Find Thestrals

All magical beasts are marked on the map by a paw print logo, so it’s easy to locate some of these dens in the open world, but not as easy to pinpoint specific creatures. In general, Thestrals seem to like swamp areas, and the easiest location to find them is near the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame. Just north of this area, you’ll find three or four of the creatures flying around.

Another location in Hogwarts Legacy is much further to the south of the open world map. This second location is near Marunweem Lake on the eastern side of the lake. You can always fly here, but most players won’t arrive here by accident based on how the main story flows.

How to Catch Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy

When you find these creatures, you’ll notice that they scare easily and will run off when you get too close. Trying to use the Nab-Sack by itself will be nearly impossible because of the length of time. The best bet is to use your Disillusionment spell and get as close as possible.

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Follow this up with the Levioso spell to hold the Thestral down for a few extra moments. This will give you enough time to catch the beast and bring them back to the Room of Requirement. Now you can feed them and brush them to get all of the Thestral Hair you need in Hogwarts Legacy.

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