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How to Increase the Ancient Magic Meter in Hogwarts Legacy

Reach your full potential.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ancient Magic Hotspot

As soon as you jump into Hogwarts Legacy, it’s apparent how powerful Ancient Magic is, and your character will spend much of the game learning what it really is. Like many powerful abilities in other games, the Ancient Magic Meter is fairly limited so that Wizards or Witches can’t spam it against enemies.

Further into the game though, it’s revealed that we can actually increase our overall meter once we’ve made it far enough in the main story. Our Hogwarts Legacy guide will cover exactly how you can increase your own Ancient Magic Meter so you can start sending lightning strikes down at will.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Increase the Ancient Magic Meter

Step one to increasing the meter is unlocking the ability to add to the meter in the first place. To reach that point, you’ll need to complete the “Percival Rackham’s Trial” quest which tasks players with their first Ancient Magic trial. Professor Fig can’t help with this, but upon completion, more magic will appear in the open world.

With the first trial behind you, you’ll be able to find Ancient Magic Hotspots around the open world. These points of interest, like Merlin Trials or Astronomy Tables, contain a puzzle-like activity. Completing two will allow you to add a bar to your meter. Overall, you can have five meters for use in combat. Make sure to claim the rewards in the challenge tab of Hogwarts Legacy to increase your bars.

How to Complete the Ancient Magic Hotspots in Hogwarts Legacy

Every hotspot location has an Ancient Magic well that you can interact with just like the main story quests. Doing so will spawn three magic orbs around the area that you must walk into and claim for yourself. Revelio will highlight them for you, but they can be spread fairly far apart depending on the hotspot. Claim all three points to complete the POI.

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You’ll only need to complete two of these areas at first before you can claim your first Ancient Magic Meter upgrade in the game. Afterward, you’ll need another six, and far more for the fifth bar. They’ll appear all over the open world, so keep an eye out for these and any other trials.

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