How to Get Glaceon in Pokemon GO

Wanting another Eeveelution to add to your collection? Here's how to get Glaceon in Pokemon GO if you're absolutely fiending for this ice queen.

So you’re wanting to add yet another Eeveelution to your collection in Pokemon GO? We definitely don’t blame you. There’s just something about this family of evolutions that fans can’t get enough of, and with some recent additions in the game of later evolutions, those that have wrangled the original trio are going to be wanting more. Here, check out our guide on how to get Glaceon in Pokemon GO

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How to Get Glaceon in Pokemon GO

So, you’re wondering how to get a Glaceon in Pokemon GO, aye? Well, it’s not actually all that hard, though it’s not as easy as just naming your chosen Eevee the right thing. If you’re wanting more of a general guide on how to get all the various Eeveelutions that are currently available in Pokemon GO, we’ve got a handy guide to just that right here that we’ve relinked for your convenience. However, if Glaceon is specifically the vixen that you’re chasing, then there’s really only one way for you to ensure that you get it.

We’ve got two words for you: Glacial Lure. You might remember when Pokemon GO handed out things like the Magnetic Lure, the Mossy Lure, and the Glacial Lure not so long ago. Well, you also became able to pick up Glaceon during this time. To pick up this Pokemon, you’re obviously going to need an Eevee but you’ll also want a Glacial Lure which you can get from the store for 200 coins. Once this is done, you just want to tack it onto whatever Poke Stop doesn’t have one already. Head over to check out your Eevee, and you’ll be able to evolve it into a Glaceon.

That’s really the only two steps that you have to worry about, so you’re in the clear so long as you’ve applied the right lure and honestly, if you can’t figure out that you need an Ice Type lure for a Glaceon then we don’t know how much help this guide will be at all, mate. It might a bit tougher to get out to a Poke Stop now that a bunch of events like the Safari Zone 2020 one in Philadelphia have been postponed but there have been changes made by Niantic during these times to help Trainers stay indoors but still have fun, so we think you’ll be right on the whole!

Now that you have our guide on how to get Glaceon in Pokemon GO, it is really just a matter of making sure that you’ve got the right lure. It isn’t rocket science, but it also isn’t quite like evolving the other Eeveelutions so we can understand if you were struggling a little bit before. Need help with anything else to do with Pokemon GO? Why don’t you check out these other tips and tricks in our dedicated guides hub for the game that we’ve collated for the convenience of Trainers like you?

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