While fans of Pokemon GO aren't strangers to lures being in the game, there's recently been the introduction of some new lure modules to switch things up in the world. You'll be able to nab yourself some new Pokemon if you're using these effectively, so here's what we know about the new Pokemon GO ice lure (called the Glacial Lure) and the other lures in the latest trio.

Pokemon GO Ice Lure and More - How to Use Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lure Modules

When we're talking new elemental lures, the game has introduced two alongside the new Pokemon GO ice lure. In total, they're as follows:

  1. Glacial Lure
  2. Magnetic Lure
  3. Mossy Lure

Each of these corresponds to a different group of Pokemon types that will be attracted by its use. The Glacial Lure will attract Water and Ice Pokemon for 30 minutes. The Magnetic Lure will attract Electric, Steel and Rock Pokemon for 30 minutes. Lastly, the Mossy Lure will attract Bug, Grass, and Poison Pokemon for 30 minutes.

If you're unsure about how lures work, they're useful for a number of reasons. As we've mentioned above, rolling them out will make sure that you get a proliferation of a certain type of Pokemon so if you're hunting for one in particular, this might improve your odds. You can also net some Pokemon that will only spawn when a lure is kicking around a Pokestop - one example of this is Cryogonal who only spawns with a Pokemon Go ice lure. The other good thing about lures is that some Pokemon will require them to evolve. This latest lure trio will enable you to evolve the following critters:

  • Eevee - evolves into Leafeon with a Mossy Lure, evolves into Glaceon from a Glacial Lure
  • Magneton - evolves into Magnezone with a Magnetic Lure
  • Nosepass - evolves into Probopass with a Magnetic Lure

Now that you've got our guide to using the Pokemon GO ice lure and more, why not check out some other tips and tricks that we've put together for aspiring Trainers? Working on this month's research tasks might not be a bad idea either.