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Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 Postponed – What We Know

by Ginny Woo

For a game like Pokemon GO which is all about going outside and interacting in some way with the general population, the recent coronovirus scares definitely haven’t made it easy to participate in community events with people being so cautious. It looks like the top dogs at corporate are taking that seriously too with news of Niantic deciding that the Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 event in St Louis should be postponed. Here’s what we know.

Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 Postponed – What We Know

Following news about the coronavirus issue not showing any signs with regards to abating across the globe, it’s been announced by Niantic that the Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 event for St Louis is going to be officially postponed. The Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 calendar had previously looked something like this:

  • St Louis – March 27 to March 29
  • Liverpool – April 17 to April 19
  • Philadephia – May 8 to May 10

However, the COVID-19 scare has now thrown the schedule into possible disarray. The St Louis event is definitely being pushed back, but there is not set date yet confirmed for when the replacement Safari Zone 2020 event will be held. It’s anticipated that it will be within the next year, though that is a pretty huge release window. Niantic has also mentioned that they’re going to possibly have to reconsider the organization for the other two events in the coming months, though there’s not been definite confirmation that those too will be postponed. If you’re someone who has signed up for the St Louis Safari Zone event, Niantic is recommending that you contact Pokemon GO support by March 25 in order to sort out any refunds for the purchase that has been made – you better get cracking on that, mate!

Now that you know what we do about the Pokemon GO Safari Zone 2020 event being postponed, hopefully those fans who have purchased passes will be able to sort refunds or come to some sort of solution with Niantic. We’re not quite sure what the future of the other events later in the year are going to be, but as soon as we know, we’ll be sure to update you. Need a hand with anything else related to Pokemon GO? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve collected for you in our dedicated guides hub for the title:

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