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How to Evolve Knife into Thousand Edge in Vampire Survivors

You call that a knife? THIS is a knife! Well, a thousand of them.

by Nikola L

The Knife is one of the first weapons you can get in Vampire Survivors. But, as you may presume from the title, our Prima Games Vampire Survivors writer team delivers you a guide on how to upgrade it into a thousand knives, because why wouldn’t you want thousand-fold damage? Truth be told, it is not really a thousand-fold damage output, but it’s still crazy when you see it in action. Here’s how to evolve Knife into Thousand Edge in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Knife in Vampire Survivors

The Knife is unlocked immediately after installing the game basically. It is the starting weapon of Gennaro Belpaese, which is also unlocked straight away.

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The method of evolving the Knife is the same as with most basic weapons, just with the ingredients changed:

  1. You need to push the weapon to the max level. You do that by either leveling your character gradually and prioritizing the weapon you want to evolve or by randomly getting it from Treasure Chests, for which the chances are fairly low.
  2. You must possess at least one level of the Passive item which is required for the evolution. For Knife, the secret ingredient is Bracer. This Passive Item increases your Projectile Speed by 10% per level (up to 50% max). You can find it as a Stage Item in the Gallo Tower and Moongolow stages. In order to unlock it, you need to bring the King Bible to Level 4 during any run.
  3. Loot a Treasure Chest and hope that it will provide you with the evolution from the first attempt. Sometimes, the chest you pick up is an Arcana chest which will give you an Arcana to choose from.
  4. Profit!

Thousand Edge is the starting weapon of a secret character called Boon Marrabbio. It’s a very powerful weapon that is bound to eliminate anything standing in front of you in a matter of seconds. It is an endless rain of knives with an insane amount of damage, which you can further increase by picking Arcana XVI – Slash, and you can also pick Arcana VII – Iron Blue Will to give the knives the ability to bounce around, further increasing their damage output. It’s totally crazy and you should definitely try it out.

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