How to Complete Divided Loyalties in Starfield

Andreja has some old wounds she needs to heal.

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After progressing through Starfield’s companion stories enough, each main companion will offer you a mission to complete relating to their backstory. These missions tend to help the companion get over the major moral conflicts they’ve been experiencing, and doubly serve as the core way to romance those companions if you’ve been gaining their affection. One such mission takes place late in Andreja’s storyline, and needs to be completed once claimed to switch companions. Here’s how to complete Divided Loyalties in Starfield.

Starfield Divided Loyalties Walkthrough

The Divided Loyalties mission appears after speaking to Andreja enough and raising your affinity with her. After some time, she’ll mention there are people she had to leave behind during a Va’ruun attack, mainly due to her previous affiliation with the faction. She wants to find them since they’re some of the few people she considers friends.

Talk to Andreja at Aggie’s

Starfield Andrea in Aggie's
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You’re going to start your search for her past friends in Akila City, located on the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system. Once you land at the spaceport, head to the western side of the city, where you’ll find Aggie’s. If you’re like me, you have never visited this part of the city outside of this mission, so it’s a breath of fresh air. As you arrive at Aggie’s, Andreja will notice her old friend Eren isn’t here and wants to ask around.

Speak with Aggie and ask about Eren Bascolm, though her opinion of both you and Andreja is a little on the low side. It’s clear she and Andreja have some history. According to Aggie, Eren was left behind bleeding unlike Andreja had said. Ever since, he was fearful of the Zealots and suffering from PTSD over the encounter. However, he never blamed Andreja for the encounter. He’s since moved to Hyla II, which makes that our next stop.

Travel to Hyla II and Find Eren Bascolm’s Camp

Starfield Hyla II
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Make your way to Hyla II in the Hyla system and land at Eren’s Camp. Once you make it to the camp, there’ll already be an array of Zealots who seem to have finally caught up with him. Take them all down and follow Andreja, who believes she saw something. That something is Eren’s grave. It’s a shame she wasn’t able to speak to him at least one last time, but the Zealots at least didn’t get the chance to off him.

Starfield Contraband and Mission Objective
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As a silver lining, Andreja is confident Eren had contact with the other person she was forced to leave, Jaeda Huang. Head up to the third floor of Eren’s home, where you’ll find both Eren’s Slate and an Expert Contraband Cache. You might be torn on how you’re going to sell that, but it’s actually quite convenient given the next mission objective.

Talk to Andreja and Head to The Den

Starfield Andreja Eren's Camp
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After grabbing the Slate, chat with Andreja, who speaks on Jaeda’s past before mentioning something interesting. Eren was composing a message back to Jaeda that made it seem like he knew the Zealots would find him. He also mentions a name he “shouldn’t know”, Tomisar Ka’dic. He was Andreja’s contact for her undercover missions in the Settled Systems, but she never mentioned him to Eren or Jaeda. It doesn’t matter now, though, as you need to find Jaeda at The Den.

The Den can be found in the Wolf system, located on the western side of the system map. Head there and dock with the station. If you got the Contraband Crate at Eren’s Camp, don’t ask about Jaeda just yet. Instead, speak to the Trade Authority rep on the main floor and sell those for some nice Credits.

Ask About Jaeda

Starfield The Den Bartender
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With that maybe in your pocket, head downstairs and ask the bartender, Orval, about Jaeda. He’ll want 1,000 Credits for the information, but you don’t have to pay him. Instead, head back upstairs and speak to Vanguard pilot Rayna Marquez. According to Rayna, Jaeda hasn’t been at The Den in a while, as she’s following up on some sensitive information. If you manage to beat the Persuasion speech check here, she’ll give up the information that Jaeda is in the Groombridge system. If you can’t pass it, you’ll have to pay Orval.

Reach Jaeda’s Last Known Location and Talk to Her

Head over to the Groombridge system in the north of the system chart and travel to the Anomaly, located next to Groombridge II. Once you arrive, hail Jaeda’s ship, and she’ll be a little less than happy that you’re here at now of all times. Zealot ships are about to warp in, so you’ll have to work with Jaeda to take them all down. Afterward, she’ll mention her Grav Drive is fried and that as much as she wishes she could, she can’t leave or take you down. She’s going to have to play along.

Starfield Jaeda Huang
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Dock with Jaeda’s ship and board it, then speak with her alongside Andreja. As you walk in, she’ll have a gun pointed at Andreja’s head. What a great way to kick off a conversation. She thinks that Andreja set them all up and that she’s the reason everything went the way it did. She has valid evidence too. The High Council for the Va’ruun knew about Andreja’s whereabouts and sent Zealots to deal with her and the friends she was with.

Defeat the Zealot Captain

Starfield Zealot Captain
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In the middle of the conversation, the Zealot Captain who attacked Andreja and her friends will barge in over the comms and begin preaching while preparing to attack your ship. Quickly get back to your ship, undock, and then start lighting up the Captain. Once he’s dead, speak with Andreja, who will be confused about how the High Council betrayed her and tried to have her killed (even if her friends were the ones who were truly killed). She tells you more about her people before realizing where she must go.

Travel to the Derelict Station and Speak to Tomisar

Make your way to the Derelict Station that Andreja mentioned, found in the system of Muphrid in orbit of Muphrid IV. Dock with the station, then follow Andreja through the station. She’ll want to talk and make it exceptionally clear that you are not to shoot. You are only to let her talk to the person behind the main door.

Starfield Tomisar
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She’ll open up a secret passage leading to a strangely pristine part of this station, which leads to the home of Tomisar Ka’dic, the man mentioned a few times earlier. She’s still been in contact with House Va’ruun, up until when she was supposed to report again two months from now. Tomisar is pretty mad that she’s brought someone like you with her in breach of their arrangement.

It becomes clear that Andreja is pissed off, especially given the realization that she was betrayed by House Va’ruun. While he’s very sly at first, he becomes increasingly worried once she seems like she’s going to kill him.

Should You Let Andreja Kill Tomisar, Or Let Him Live?

Starfield Andreja Tomisar Choice
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This is where Andreja asks for your advice. Should you let her kill him, severing any possibility of her even returning where she was born, or let him live, letting a scumbag like him go on but have her possibility of returning home? This choice doesn’t have much of an effect on anything beyond Divided Loyalties, but I chose to let her kill him. She loses her connection to House Va’ruun, sure, but she also serves justice for those he needlessly put to death. Speak with her after making whichever choice you’d like, then return to the Lodge to finish the mission.

If you’re looking for help with any other companion missions, check out our guide on how to complete the In Memoriam mission in Starfield.

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