How to Romance Andreja in Starfield

Get past the rough personality for quite a warm romantic partner.

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Learning how to romance Andreja in Starfield is a feat similar to faster-than-light travel or overcoming the Crimson Fleet. She’s a rough-and-tumble companion who relishes the opportunity to do a little bad across the galaxy. She’s prone to stealing, violence, and undermining authority, and if you can walk the walk with her, she’ll love you all the more. Here’s how to romance Andreja and walk away a happy individual with a rough partner by your side in Starfield.

Romancing Andreja in Starfield

First and foremost, to successfully romance Andreja, you’ll need to understand her character. She has unique likes and dislikes, and they vary significantly from other companions. When you look at characters like Barrett or Sarah Morgan, they live and breathe Constellation. They’re morally good individuals who want to do right by those they meet, and that often means avoiding combat to talk down villains.

But with Andreja, a few bullets never hurt.

You’ll first meet Andreja in the main story quest, Into the Unknown, where we walk in on her gunning down a clearly outmatched House Va’ruun agent. At the end of the quest, you can ask her to join your party as a companion, and if your goal is to romance her, you’ll want to invite her along.

Like all other romanceable companions in Starfield, Andreja has an affinity meter that rises and lowers depending on your dialogue choices and actions. By selecting the flirt option, you’ll eventually unlock her companion quests.

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Andreja’s Likes and Dislikes

  • Andreja does not skulk away from shady tactics and often will resort to less-than-savory methods when necessary.
  • Andreja actively dislikes harming innocents and taking bribes.
  • She loves when you use choose dialogue options with a bit of character, like sassy responses.
  • Stealing from friends is a-okay in her book, as is stealing and pickpocketing the various enemies you’ll meet together.
  • Try to appear as dominating as possible to railroad conversations.

Completing Divided Loyalties

As you raise Andreja’s affinity, she’ll open up more about her secretive past. This brings us to her companion quest, Divided Loyalties, in which she reveals her past as a secret agent working for House Va’ruun. This begins Divided Loyalties.

To complete the quest, follow Andreja. She’ll lead you to various points across the galaxy, including a bar in Akila City, then Hyla II, and eventually to a planet known as Anomaly in Groombridge. It’s a relatively straightforward quest that mainly involves a lot of travel, listening to slates, and dialogue.

Marrying Andreja

Starfield Andreja Romance Companion
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As you progress her affinity level, Andreja will eventually open up to flirting and romance, culminating in the commitment option. Every chance you get, flirt with her. Then, when the romance option appears, select that one.

After completing Divided Loyalties, and upon arriving back home to the Constellation Lodge, you’ll have a conversation in which you’ll want to choose the following dialogue options:

  • “Whatever happens next, we’ll face it together.”
  • “You don’t need House Va’ruun. You have a family in Constellation.”
  • “[Romance] I’ll always be here for you. I love you.”

After some time, in which you should be raising her affinity, your relationship will progress far enough to move past the awkward boyfriend/girlfriend stage and take things a bit more seriously. Once that conversation crops up, select the following dialogue option:

  • “[Commitment] I think it’s time we make it official.

The final step is the companion quest “Commitment: Andreja,” which involves marrying Andreja in Starfield!

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