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How to Complete In Memoriam in Starfield

Sarah needs your help.

As you progress through companion-related dialogue in Starfield, you’ll come across a select mission for each companion that relates to their past. One such mission shows up for Sarah Morgan, though how you go about it can be a tad confusing—here’s how to complete Starfield’s In Memoriam.

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Complete Starfield In Memoriam Walkthrough

As mentioned, Starfield’s In Memoriam is the companion mission for Sarah Morgan. To unlock the mission, you’ll need to speak with her on several occasions and do things she likes, such as supporting the United Colonies and helping those in need, along with bringing those who deserve it to justice. As you do this, she’ll open up about her time with the UC Military and how, during a decisive battle, she chose to stay and fight until her ship was no longer functional. She and the rest of her team were able to make it to escape pods, though she quickly lost contact with the other members. After surviving on her own on the planet Cassiopeia I, she was rescued and went on to lead Constellation.


To increase your relationship with Sarah more quickly, consider keeping her around as your dedicated companion and use the Paramour chem, which will increase companion affinity faster for 10 minutes.

For this mission, she wants to find her landing zone, inspect the wreckage, and find the lost colonists so she can give respect to the lives she feels she ended. First, though, she’ll need to figure out where she landed.

Head to New Atlantis and Speak With Admiral Logan

Starfield screenshot of Admiral Logan's Office
Screenshot by Prima Games

Make your way to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison, and fast-travel to the MAST District. Within the large central tower will be an elevator, which you’ll want to take to the “Central Command / Office of the President / Systems Defense” floor. At the other end of the floor is Pascual Logan’s office, through which you want to go in and speak with him.

Logan won’t be too happy to see Sarah due to her sudden departure from the UC previously, though after some chatting, he’ll understand what she’s doing and ease up a bit. He’ll give you the exact location of Sarah’s crash site, which you’ll need to make your way to.

Head to Cassiopeia I and Land at Sarah’s Old Campsite

Starfield screenshot of  Sarah's Campsite
Screenshot by Prima Games

Head to Eta Cassiopeia, found in the northwestern part of the system map, and land at the Sarah’s Crash Site waypoint. She’ll want to talk before visiting her old campsite, which you’ll find straight ahead of you. Head there and speak to her again, where she’ll tell you about the time she spent on the planet. She was at this campsite for a good year before being rescued, and she made do using the land and what she had around her. She never got contact with the other colonists and presumed them dead.

Once you enter the Escape Shuttle, you’ll find that it doesn’t have any power. As such, you’ll need an Emergency Power Cell.

Find the Emergency Power Cell and Get the Telemetry Data

Starfield screenshot of Stonebreaker Aliens
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Emergency Power Cell you’ll need is on the top of a nearby mountain. Begin making your way up using the path on the left side, though be cautious. There will be some Stonebreakers as you make your way up that you need to kill to proceed. They like to camouflage themselves as nearby rocks, making them often tough to handle.

Once you make it to the top, you’ll find some scanner equipment alongside the Emergency Power Cell. Bring it back to the shuttle and plug it in, then check the Telemetry Data within the computer (specifically Object Beta). You’re also welcome to check the other lore tidbits about Sarah’s time here, though it’s not necessary.


You can grab yourself a Nova Galactic Manual 01 here in the shuttle’s cabin. It’s sitting atop a white box amongst the mess.

Land at the Shuttle Crash Site and Investigate the Surroundings

Starfield screenshot of Shuttle Crash Site
Screenshot by Prima Games

After analyzing the Telemetry Data, a new location should pop up on the planet map named Ship (very descriptive). Head to that waypoint and land, then head through the nearby cave to a massive valley filled with plenty of trees and a crashed shuttle in the distance. Head there, and Sarah will mention that it’s the same shuttle, though parts are missing. There were survivors, and her crew hadn’t died on re-entry like she initially believed.

Starfield screenshot of Shuttle Crew Camp
Screenshot by Prima Games

There’s a path just past the shuttle that you’ll want to take, leading to a small camp that the Dauntless crew had set up. Most surprising of all, the fire is still fresh, showing that someone is somehow still living there. There’s a Hab located up in the trees, which you want to enter.

Speak to the Mysterious Girl

Starfield screenshot of Sona
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re inside, you’ll meet a young girl who immediately starts pointing her gun at you. She’s clearly frightened, though she wasn’t part of the Dauntless crew. After calming her down and her learning that Sarah was the captain of her parents’ ship, she’ll tell you her name is Sona. She’s been alone for a while since her father was killed some time ago and her mother was killed by the monsters at a nearby graveyard.


You can pick up a Constellation Guide 03 in Sona’s hab. It’ll be on a large circular table in the cabin.

After speaking with her, talk to Sarah, who will want to get the genetags from the nearby graveyard. Unfortunately, those monsters are also hostile creatures that want to kill you. You’ll need to head over there and handle them.

Collect the Genetags

Starfield screenshot of Greater Silverfish
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re done speaking, you’ll want to exit the Hab and begin following the path past the campsite and through the mountains (not the way you came in). This path leads gradually up and contains a ton of hostile creatures to worry about, so have your gun ready to go as you climb.

Once you’ve made it all the way up and dealt with any creatures along the way, you’ll be able to find nine of the genetags in various parts of the graveyard. Most are on the tombstones, while select genetags can be found in other spots. The final genetag is inside a Greater Silverfish, which you’ll need to kill and loot. With all genetags in hand, head on back.

Convince Sona to Leave or Let Her Stay

As you make your way back into the Hab, you’ll find both Sarah and Sona in a heated argument. Sarah wants Sona to come with you both back to the Lodge where she’ll be safe, especially with the hostile wildlife all over the planet. However, Sona doesn’t want to leave her home since she feels much safer being in the home she’s known.

If you’re stuck on this choice, we’d suggest convincing Sona to leave the planet and come back with you to the Lodge. It’ll take some convincing in the dialogue, but Sarah’s affinity will be increased, and frankly, the child isn’t safe staying on Cassiopeia I any longer.

Return to New Atlantis and Speak With Both Sarah and Logan

With Sona either staying or ready to go, Sarah will want to have a quick chat about all of this with you at a nearby overlook. Head there to chat with her, and she’ll express how appreciative she is that you helped her. After the chat, make your way back to New Atlantis and speak to Admiral Logan in the same place I mentioned earlier. Give him the genetags, and he’ll see that the men and women of the Dauntless have their memory honored.

Speak to Sona (If You Convinced Her to Leave)

Starfield screenshot of Sona at the Lodge
Screenshot by Prima Games

After you’re done chatting with Logan, head to the Lodge and speak with Sona upstairs. She’ll be finding it slightly odd getting used to so many people around, but she loves the size and beauty of the Lodge at least. She’ll be happy to know that she has a home in the Lodge and will be treated nicely. “Auntie Sarah” might even get her her own ship someday.

Speak With Sarah at the War Memorial

With Sona all set up in her new home, head over to the War Memorial so Sarah can mourn the fallen one last time. The memorial can be found to the side of the MAST District’s entrance ramp on the way to Aphelion Realty. Once there, she’ll mourn those who passed, and the two of you will get to chat a bit. If you’ve selected the Flirt options with her up to this point, select the Flirt option here as well. If you do, she’ll ask you to join her at the Waterfall Promenade.

Talk to Sarah at the Waterfall Promenade (if Romanced)

Starfield screenshot of Sarah Morgan
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once she’s had a moment at the Memorial, head to the Waterfall Promenade. If you don’t know how to get there, take the tram back to the Spaceport. From the tram, head right and in between both Jemison Mercantile and Terrabrew Coffee. There you’ll find an alley, where you’ll find an elevator at the end of the path. Take that elevator to the Waterfall Promenade.

Once you’ve made it there, speak to Sarah. She’ll tell you about how she comes here whenever she’s trying to make a big decision. In this case, she’s here because of you. You’ve always stuck by her despite how often she tends to keep people distant, and she cares a lot about you. It’s at this point you can choose whether to keep things as a Friendship, or begin a Romance with her. If you’ve made it this far, I’m not sure why you’d choose the former, but the option is there. With that choice made, you’ll have finished the In Memoriam mission.

Starfield in Memoriam Mission Rewards

At the end of your quest with Sarah Morgan, the In Memoriam Mission will reward you with 250 XP and a proposition for romance. If you’ve been eyeing Sarah as potential wife material, this is where you’ll find your seductive opportunity.

Starfield In Memoriam, Summarized

In summary, here are all the steps to complete the In Memoriam mission in Starfield:

  • Speak with Admiral Logan in New Atlantis.
  • Land at Sarah’s Old Campsite at Cassiopeia I.
  • Find the emergency power cell at the top of the nearby mountain and get the telemetry data.
  • Land at the shuttle crash site and investigate.
  • Speak to Sona at the nearby hab in the trees.
  • Collect 10 Genetags and kill a Greater Silverfish at the nearby graveyard.
  • Convince Sona to leave or let her stay.
  • Return to New Atlantis and speak with Sarah and Logan.
  • Speak to Sona at the Lodge (if you brought her with you).
  • Speak with Sarah at the War Memorial.
  • Talk with Sarah at the Waterfall Promenade (if romanced).

Now that you’ve completed Starfield’s In Memoriam mission, look for more details surrounding romance from our guide on how to romance Andreja in Starfield.

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