How to Change Your Name in MultiVersus

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MultiVersus has a lot of customization to it, with all kinds of unlockable goodies. You can get profile icons, banners and even badges to show some of your stats off to your opponents. But it doesn’t seem like you can change your name at all. Weird right? You probably want to do something about that, especially if you’re rocking a username MultiVersus generated for you.

MultiVersus: How to Change Your Display Name

If you want to know how to change your name in MultiVersus, you’re going to need a WB Games account. The game certainly prompts you to make one, so it’s not hard to find. That said, you may have one of those previously from any number of other past games from this publisher, and haven’t really looked at it much. So here’s a reason to do that!

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You need to get logged in to your WB Games account on the MultiVersus website, and you need to have your email verified if you don’t already. That’s important for things like password resetting, too. Anyway once you’re all set with that, log in and access Account Information from the drop-down in the top right of the page. That’s where you can change your Display Name, which will be reflected once you hop back on to MultiVersus.

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While MultiVersus does have Crossplay and Cross-Progression, it’s all governed by your WB Games account. So your individual platform handles, such as your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live usernames, aren’t really part of the equation. So your display name is how you’ll be identifying yourself to other players! Make sure to keep it classy. Or don’t, I guess. I’m just filling out my word count down here. The question’s already answered. I’m surprised you’re still reading this, frankly!

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