How Long Does The Scorching BBQ Event Run In Dead by Daylight – Times & Rewards Listed

Can Hot Sauce really fit in my med kit?

It’s time to bust out the grills once again because the Scorching Barbecue event is landing in Dead by Daylight after a 5-year hiatus. Not only will our favorite maps have a more festive vibe to them than ever before, but we can also look forward to earning some free rewards for some of our favorite characters. When can we look forward to jumping in and seeing what is in store, and is there a chance that we’ll find a big boy grilling on the roof at Toba Landing?

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When Does The Scorching BBQ Event Start In Dead By Daylight?

Fans will need to get their summer clothes on starting August 3, 2023, at 11 AM ET. The event itself will run until August 17, 2023, at an undisclosed time.

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What Is The Scorching BBQ Event In Dead By Daylight?

The Scorching BBQ event will make the world around you slightly less terrifying and a bit more festive. In previous years, Hooks were given a Grill-themed makeover and Generators looked more like Coolers and Margarita stands.

Beyond the Cosmetic changes, players will also have the opportunity to rack up extra Bloodpoints much like we could during the recent Anniversary Event. By bringing a BBQ Invitation, you can spawn a unique hook or Generator on the map, and completing them will let you gain extra points to level up your favorite characters. While they may not last after the event like the Anniversary Terrormisu, you can still grind for a fair number of them during this event and get yourself in a great spot.

Are There Free Cosmetics During The Scorching BBQ Event In Dead By Daylight?

It looks like Jake Park mains and The Clown mains will have a few reasons to log in during this event, especially with these absolutely wonderful cosmetics. I may need to rearrange my best Killer cosmetics and best Survivor cosmetics lists around once I finally get my hands on these.

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Players will need to complete different objectives to claim these for their own use, so get ready to jump into the Fog and start clearing some missions. Thankfully, you’ll have two weeks to make this happen, so getting both of these sets should be easy enough if you’re dedicating your time to the right tasks.

No matter if you’re a newer player or someone that has been playing Dead by Daylight for years, it’s always exciting to see what is coming down, or in the case of the new Killer, through the pipelines. If you’re hoping to find codes, lists, and even some help understanding different effects, check out our section below for everything you need to know.

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