Here is Where you can Get a Tinfoil Hat in Goat Simulator 3 for all your Goat Theory-Crafting needs

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Did you honestly think that the developers of Goat Simulator 3 wouldn’t put the Tinfoil hat? Goat Simulator 3 wouldn’t be a complete meme without it, that’s for sure. Tinfoil Hat in Goat Simulator 3 is a cool cosmetic item without any special ability, but it’s a fun thing to have, because why not? Prima Games will decipher the writings on the wall and decrypt the location of this fabled item for you real quick so that you can sport the hat for various meme reasons with your friends in multiplayer.

How to Find the Tinfoil Hat in Goat Simulator 3

Tinfoil Hat is located in the first zone you are playing, the Fairmeadows Ranch. Look at the map below and spot the Goat icon in the northwest part of the area, just by the widest road in that area of the Fairmeadows Ranch.

As you approach the site marked with the Goat icon, you will see some sort of an improvised news/movie set with a camera and all that. Just sneak on the set and grab your Tinfoil hat. Now, you and your friends can hop on multiplayer together and start theory-crafting.

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Goat Simulator 3 provides you with the ability to have fun in the most unimaginable and imaginable ways possible, whether you are playing single-player or multi-player. The open world made for Goat Simulator 3 is vast and full of many surprises, many pop culture references, memes, satire, parody, you name it. It has become an instant evergreen hit, which is amazing, keeping in mind that the original Goat Simulator was made as a joke.

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