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How to Increase Your Illuminati Ranks in Goat Simulator 3

Goatuminatti confirmed.

by Nikola L

There are various levels of the Goat Secret Society that you can join as you progress through Goat Simulator 3, which will further expand your Goat Tower into a big Goat Castle over time. We’re here to tell you how to Increase your Illuminati Rank, gain new Illuminati points, and grow your Goat Tower in GS3.

How to Expand Your Goat Tower in Goat Simulator 3

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Expanding your tower is (relatively) easy. You just need to gain Illuminati Ranks. When you gain enough Illuminati Ranks, you will get a prompt that tells you that you need to come back to your Goat Tower to claim a reward. You do this by going deep into your chambers, in front of a gate with six glowing emblems.

When you stand on a glowing circle that’s on the ground, you need to press the appropriate button on your keyboard/gamepad and hold it. The animation will start which will break a chain on the gate and… well we don’t want to spoil everything now, do we?

Best Ways to Gain Illuminati Rank in Goat Simulator 3

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Illuminati Points are usually received by completing Event Quests (you will see a triangular Illuminati-looking symbol in the Quest list which represents the reward you will get), some Instinct Quests, and by Synchronizing with a Goat Tower.

How to Get Illuminati Points in Goat Simulator 3

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Alongside your Illuminati Rank which progresses your persona through the ranks of the secret Goat society, there are Illuminati points that you can use to buy different cosmetic and equipment items. They are received by finishing Event Quests, and Instinct Quests, and by causing mayhem, chaos, disorder, and destruction around the island.