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All Ramp Locations in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3 – Listed

So we've heard you like to RAM yourself over a RAMP...

by Nikola L

Ramps are one of the most sought-after discoverable/collectible things in Goat Simulator 3, next to Wisdom Shrines and Trinkets.
For all of you fellow achievement hunters and completionist nerds, the Prima Games team has made an effort to help you perform crazy stunt jumps on all ramps in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3.
Make sure to steal borrow a car (the owner comes back for it inevitably) so that the ramp jumps count, and scroll down for all locations of the ramps in Fairmeadows Ranch.

Location of Every Ramp in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3

Luckily enough, there are just six ramps in Fairmeadows Ranch, so you will have little to no problems finding them all! Have a look at our gallery below and spot the Goat symbol for reference. We’ll drop some additional hints as well.

  1. Follow the road behind the Gas Station on the Southwest coast of the island.
  2. Slightly east of the Gas Station, there is a road that leads to a lot of solar panels, there is a ramp on them.
  3. On the hill above the southern shore, there is a small camp that has a ramp.
  4. Southeast of the cemetery, there is a ramp, which may be out of sight at first.
  5. In the Northwestern part of the Fairmeadows Ranch, you will see a ramp just a bit away from the main road.
  6. You will spot this one fairly easily because it looks like a stage for a tire race (which are all painted differently).

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Remember, you need to be in a vehicle in order for the ramp jump to count. Approach any driveable car and you will get a prompt to enter it by pressing the key which you’ve mapped.

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That’s it for this guide, we hope that it was helpful to you, and we welcome you to our Goat Simulator 3 Game Tag where you can find the rest of our game coverage.