Where to Find the Saddle in Goat Simulator 3

Now you can be ridden into battle!

Screenshot by Prima Games

Yes, the subtitle is correct. You can have characters in the game ride you. This game truly has no measure of craziness, it gets wackier and wackier with every next Event Quest or Instinct Quest and we are having so much fun.

The Saddle is one of the equipment pieces that will, among other things, help you finish the Instinct “Do a Trick While Having a Goat Ride You”, but more on that later. One thing at a time. Here’s where to find it.

How to Find the Saddle in Goat Simulator 3

The Saddle is in the Fairmeadows Ranch, the first zone, and can be found at the center of the screenshot below, where the teal/cyan goat symbol is.

Screenshot by Prima Games

When you enter this barn (you literally can’t miss the broad side of it), you will see a saddle with green glow.

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All you have to do is pass through it and it’s yours! Now you can equip it and then press the corresponding key (it will be shown on your screen, depending on what you’ve mapped it to) to pick someone up and have them ride you.

Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Finish the “Do a Trick While Having a Goat Ride You” Instinct Quest in Goat Simulator 3

Screenshot by Prima Games

Putting people and animals on your back can produce a bit of a chuckle here and there, depending on what you are doing. Here’s a good example of this: there is an Instinct that asks you to perform a trick while having another goat riding you.

Finding a Goat is fairly easy in Goat Simulator 3 because there is a huge abundance of them, so when you find one, you can work on your trick, whether it’s a backflip, frontflip, 360… Whatever you want.

We recommend you jump on a house, building, or anywhere from where you can make a big leap of faith. There’s no fall damage in Goat Simulator 3, so you should just look for a location from which you can jump and fall for at least a couple of seconds before hitting the ground because it will give you sufficient time to do all the trick shenanigans.

If you didn’t believe us that the game is crazy, now you should. I mean, the feature image for this article is a pig piggyback riding on an electrified goat. What more do you need? More guides, that’s correct! For this, you can always stop by our Goat Simulator 3 game tag.

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