How to Launch Yourself in the Stratosphere in Goat Simulator 3

What's next, Goats on the Moon?

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Launching yourself in the Stratosphere is great training for sending your Goat into space someday (hopefully), and is one of the achievements that you can pick up during the game, which is not difficult, but requires some good luck for it to happen. Prima Games will let you know about the easiest ways you can launch yourself in the Stratosphere in Goat Simulator 3 below, and how to find the highest location in Pointy Foods Factory, and the JetPack, which are also useful things to do at the same time.

How to Find a JetPack in Goat Simulator 3

The best way to launch yourself into the Stratosphere is by using the JetPack. You equip it and activate it as you are jumping off the ground (try to jump off a high point) and hope that it will divert you straight up (the JetPack is AWFULLY random so you’ll need to keep trying).
The alternative that one of our colleagues did by accident is stacking a bunch of explosives and making them all blow up at once, but that might be harder to reproduce.

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The JetPack can be found in the Pointy Foods Factory, at the highest location in the area, which is the factory chimney. It’s not very hard to get there.

Where is the Highest Location in Pointy Foods Factory?

This chimney is easy to climb on. Under it, you will see boxes that are covered with a blue cover which you can use to bounce yourself up. You will encounter a couple of these boxes and a bridge between the chimneys which you will use to climb to the very top. There, you will find your JetPack, and your Instinct to find the Highest Location in Pointy Foods Factory will be completed. Enjoy using one of the best items in-game, which will certainly help you traverse the island much faster, and produce many funny moments.

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