How to Set Yourself on Fire and then Extinguish Yourself With Water in Goat Simulator 3

*Metallica - Jump in the Fire playing in the distance*

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You really can do a lot of crazy stuff in Goat Simulator 3, and one of the Instinct Quests in the game is to light yourself on fire and then extinguish yourself with water. Seems kind of straightforward and the Prima Games team has found just the place for you to finish this Instinct Quest in a minute without too much unnecessary hassle of searching for ways to set yourself on fire close to a water source. Keep on reading and you will learn the location promptly.

Where to Set Yourself on Fire and Where to Extinguish Yourself with Water in Goat Simulator 3

In the map below, you will see a cyan/teal goat symbol, which symbolizes our location in this article’s feature image. It is a small barbeque pit that you can jump in, in order to catch fire.

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Contrary to your instinct and the lessons learned in school, we will not listen to good ol’ mascot Smokey the Bear and ragdoll (roll) on the ground to put the fire out. Instead, since this is a (mostly) harmless video game (where normal rules of physics do not exist), head up northeast into the small lake (visible as a patch of dark blue on the map) that is just yards away from the barbeque spot so you will have more than enough time to dash to your safety and stop your Goat from burning.

How to Spit Fireballs in Goat Simulator 3?

It is not possible to get killed in the game so don’t worry about burning your Goat alive, lol.
And on top of that, you can spit fireballs when you are on fire when you press your headbutt (attack) button!
This can produce whole load of fun, as you set the entire world on fire.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you have extinguished yourself successfully, you will see that the Instinct Quest has been completed. Congratulations!

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