Where to Find All Wisdom Shrines in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3

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Wisdom Shrines are one of the most important things you can find and collect in Goat Simulator 3 because they allow you a certain progress in the game. Prima Games is covering this absolute craziness of a game that truly provides fun in the most unimaginable ways, and we will help you find all of the Wisdom Shrines in the first zone (Fairmeadows Ranch) in Goat Simulator 3. It is not hard and you will do it in no time.

What are Wisdom Shrines in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3?

Wisdom Shrines allow you to unlock more Instincts which, in turn, provide you more Karma, which you then use to purchase cool stuff for your Goat. So naturally, it’s a good thing to use to progress in the game and work towards being a 100% completionist in this game. There are two Instinct Shrines in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3, and you will be able to find them both in a matter of minutes.

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Where are the Wisdom Shrines in Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3?

By the time you have read this article, you were bound to find the first Wisdom Shrine in your very own Goat Tower for this area. It is right in the hallway, you can’t miss it, you probably just didn’t touch it if you don’t have it picked up by now (when you open the map you’ll see how many you’ve picked up so far).
The second one is to the West of the Goat Tower, and slightly North. Please check the screenshots below for reference:

After you absorb the Wisdom from the Wisdom Shrine, you will get new Instinct Quests to do (which we cover a lot here on Prima Games, so make sure to search within the site for the ones you are having trouble with).

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There are more shrines in the other areas of the map, however, that’s a story for the next article in this series. We thank you for stopping by at Prima Games. Until next time!

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