How to Drive a Fire Truck in Goat Simulator 3

I am the lord of Hellfire, and I bring you... Great Balls of Fire.

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One of the Instincts that puzzles Goat Simulator 3 is certainly the Fire Truck Instinct Quest, where you are supposed to drive a fire truck in-game. Fire Trucks are usually nowhere to be seen in-game and you will probably have a hard time finding the fire department to hijack a parked one, so Prima Games is bringing a new strategy for the execution of this Grand Theft Auto.
We will bring the Fire Truck to you so that it is more convenient for you to find, hijack, and drive around the Island (although you just need to drive it for a few seconds so that the Instinct Quest gets completed).
This is just one of many things that you can do in the Crazy World of Goat.

Where to Find a Fire Truck in Goat Simulator 3

We have found an ideal spot for you to attract the attention of the Fire Department and have them send a Fire Truck to you (express delivery included!), so open your map and check the southwest corner and this question mark location. There’s a cool gas station there, which is necessary for the step.

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When you get to the Gas Station, find all exploding barrels (red ones preferably) and start ramming both the gas station and the barrels, so that you can cause a lot of explosions in a short amount of time. Make sure to get caught on fire yourself, because then you can go full Jerry Lee Lewis with your Headbutt button which becomes a fireball attack. When you cause enough chaos, a Fire Truck will try to save the day, and that’s when you strike and hijack it.

How to Complete the Needle in a Crate Stack Event Quest in Goat Simulator 3

As you approach the Gas Station at the West end of Fairmeadows Ranch, you will see this Event Quest pop up.
The Question Mark on the Map that you see is the exact location where you will be hunting for this key.
It is a toilet just south of the Gas Station. Your goal is to smash every crate around and above this toilet shack, and usually, in one of the last crates you break, a big key will pop out with a keychain that has a symbol for the toilet (kind of).
Lick the key and drag it to the lock on the front door of the toilet.

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Where to Find the Plunger in Goat Simulator 3

I mean, everyone finds a plunger on their head funny, right? You will find the Plunger in the toilet. It has no effect.

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