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How to Complete the “Backyard Science” Event in Goat Simulator 3

This is not a Redneck Repair ad, but it's still funny as hell.

by Nikola L

So, you have wandered into this crazy contraption of a trailer park settlement (it looks insanely good, not gonna lie), and you found the Event Quest “Backyard Science”. It’s time to go full Brainiac / Mythbusters on this Event Quest, and Prima Games is here to help you finish it quickly, and get a cool item to go with it, along with an Instinct Quest that asks you to Bounce on a Trampoline 10 times in a row. We hope you’ll enjoy the guide.

How to Grease up the Machine in “Backyard Science” Event in Goat Simulator 3

Before we proceed further, we just want to let you know about the location of this Event Quest (and other stuff you can do here). It’s on the south coast of the island in Goat Simulator 3, in Redneck Haven.

Screenshot by Prima Games

For this Event, you must find grease in order to make the machine in the middle of this extravagant settlement work. This can be done by finding a blue-shaded barrel around Redneck Haven, licking it, and dragging it to both ends of the machine that are glowing red, and showing the “Check Engine” icon (I apologize to car lovers for the PTSD). Both the Blue Barrel and the Check Engine Light can be seen in the screenshot below, which is made just seconds before greasing up the machine so that you can more easily recognize these objects in-game. Once the gears start rolling, it means the part of the machine has started operating successfully.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Change The Size of your Goat in Goat Simulator 3

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Fixing this machine unlocks a cool feature that you will be able to use from this moment onward. You can change the size of your Goat, along with other objects that can fit into the machine.

How to Make your Goat Big in Goat Simulator 3

Once the machine is up and running, you can insert any object (or yourself) and make it bigger. Check out the sign on the machine which shows the scale and the small bottle becoming bigger. You can just walk in there, and become a bigger G.O.A.T.
Please be advised that the changes to the size of objects placed within this machine are increased incrementally every time you put them in, so there are a couple of levels before you reach the limit.

Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Make your Goat Small in Goat Simulator 3

So, have you made yourself bigger and changed your mind, and want to become smaller (maybe like Ant-man size)? Easy-peasy. Just run into the machine from the opposite side (the part which ejects you after you decide to become bigger).

How to Find Hydrator 3000 in Goat Simulator 3

Hydrator 3000 is a cool cosmetic item that you can pick up on top of the tallest trailer in this Redneck Haven. It’s fairly simple, just keep jumping up and, eventually, you will see a mattress trampoline before the final jump, which should provide you the necessary jump height if you are having trouble. This brings us to another cool thing you can do here.

How to Complete the “Bounce on a Trampoline 10 times in a row” Instinct Quest in Goat Simulator 3

Honestly, there are many objects in Goat Simulator 3 that can be used as a Trampoline – even the sunblock for the crops. When you stumble upon an object that can be treated as a trampoline, you will see a status message at the bottom of your screen that explains that you have bounced. Bouncing 10 times in a row is not a very difficult task. Most of the time you just need to position your Goat on the center of the (improvised) trampoline and press your Jump button and leave the Goat bouncing by itself 10 times in a row. In case some correction is needed, you can use your movement abilities to keep aiming for the mattress.

We hope that this multi-purpose guide was helpful to you and we invite you to check our Goat Simulator 3 Tag under this article for more cool stuff from this game.