Final Fantasy 16: Agni Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

Time to kill a familiar face

If you’re a fan of the Hindu Scriptures, the Veda, the name Agni is a familiar name. And just like the Vedic god of fire, Agni in Final Fantasy was a creature that was worshipped as the “Jarlkona of the north”. But this tranquil beast has been touched by the aether and has turned bloodthirsty. Here’s how to find Agni in Final Fantasy 16, and the rewards for defeating it.

Final Fantasy 16: Agni Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

Now that we have access Waloed, we’ve gotten a whole of fantastical beasts to hunt down. And one of the saddest might be Agni, the one harmonious and revered lizard. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find. Here’s how to find Agni in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Select The Edge of Infinity on the far right of the map.
  • Follow the path until you reach the circular opening midway up the trail.

And… yeah! That’s it. Anyone who follows The Edge of Infinity north towards Eistla will encounter this beastie.

But on the way there, you’ll encounter a dead end. Check out this dead end to find a Fallen chest which contains the Adamantine Gauntlets, which will increase your health by 500 HP.

When you find Agni, it’ll likely give you a nostalgic kick. It’s almost precisely like the giant lizard we fought with Cid all the way back at the start of the game. And just like that lizard, Agni will start the fight off with a roll attack. These are easy to dodge, and so are its fire attacks. So, just whittle away its health hitpoint pool and you’ll soon have it beat.

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Rewards for Defeating Agni in Final Fantasy 16

Upon defeat, Agni will drop the following rewards:

  • Stone Tongue (unique crafting item)
  • 8,000 Experience Points
  • 100 Ability Points
  • 15,500 Gold
  • 35 Renown

The Stone Tongue is a unique item that can be used to craft the Ouroboros, a belt that you can only get by completing a chain of side quests. To kick that chain off, start here: Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Blacksmith’s Blues (FFXVI).

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