All Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

Sharpen your steel.

Final Fantasy 16 has plenty of weapons for Clive to swing and decimate his enemies. Some are iconic weapons from the franchise’s past, while others are brand new just for Final Fantasy 16. So here are all of the weapons available in Final Fantasy 16 listed for you to check out.

All Weapons and How to Get Them in FFXVI

Here are all of the weapons available and how to get each one in Final Fantasy XVI.

Blood SwordObtained via The Final Fnatasy 16 Collector’s Edition
BraveheartPre-order Bonus
Rosarian OathYour Starting Weapon during the Prologue
Sparring SwordUsed during the Tutorial against Rodney Murdoch
Imperial Infantry BladeYour Starting Weapon after the Prologue
BroadswordCraft it in The Hideaway once you’ve completed “A Chance Encounter”
LongswordCraft after completing the “Awakening” Quest
Bastard SwordCraft after completing the “Awakening” Quest
StormcryCraft Using the Wind Shard from Defeating Garuda
Gaia BladeCan be purchased from Charon or crafted after “The Wages of Guilt”
InvictusGiven to you during the “Holding On” quest
FlametongueCraft using the Flame Shard
Coral SwordFound in the chest during the Drake’s Head mission
LevinboltCraft using the Lightning Shard at the Blacksmith
Platinum SwordPurchase from Charon’s Toll after the “After the Storm” quest
GrindstoneCraft using the Earth Shard from defeating Titan
EnhancerPurchase from Charon’s Toll after “Out of the Shadow” quest
Diamond Sword Purchase from Goetz at the Crystalline Dominion
Ancient SwordFound in a chest in Dhalmekia
ExcaliburCrafted using the Excalibur Design Draft
BrightburnCrafted using the LIght Shard from Bahamut
Rune BladePurchase from Charon’s Toll during “A Song of Hope” quest
IcebrandCraft after the “Across the Narrow’ quest
MasamuneFound in a chest in the Shadow Coast
EverdarkCraft using the Dark Shard from defeating Barnabas
DefenderPurchase from Goetz during the “Streets of Madness” quest
RagnarokCrafted after finishing the Blacksmith’s Blues quest IV
GotterdammerungCrafted after finishing the Blacksmith’s Blues quest IV
Ultima WeaponNeed to craft Gotterdammerung and start New Game Plus

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Those are all of the weapons in Final Fantasy XVI. Most are obtained through the main story; you won’t have to think too much about it. Just ensure you continuously check the Blacksmith after main missions to upgrade your steel. Be sure to check out how to get Orichalcum, which is a crucial crafting component to many of the stronger weapons in the game.

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