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EA’s Sports FC 24 Trinity of Technology Explained

It’s the reason why FC 24 is ahead of the game.

Having watched all of the EA Sports FC 24 reveals, the gameplay reveal is what really got players excited. If you thought the creators had no more tricks up their sleeves, you were mistaken. The big boys in the world of football simulation stunned viewers with the new tech they tilted: The Trinity of Technology. In this post, I’ll be explaining all of this new technology and how it improves what used to be called FIFA. 

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What is EA 24’s Trinity of Technology?

EA Sports FC 24’s Trinity of Technology consists of Hypermotion V, Play Styles, and an improved Frostbite Engine. These three things work in tandem to ensure players get the most immersive experience with FC 24. Let’s take a look at what each of them brings to the football field.

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Hypermotion V Technology on EA Sports FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

What Is EA Sports FC 24’s Hypermotion V?

Hypermotion V is meant to make the virtual game of football more authentic or make the gameplay as authentic as possible. The V in Hypermotion V stands for ​​Volumetric Capture Technology. What EA has done here is collect data from real-life games from different players from all over the globe.

Using cameras in different stadiums across the world during live matches, they’ve taken real-time moments and implemented them into FC 24. They’ve captured players’ exact motions, run styles, movements off and on the ball, shooting, passing, tackling, blocking, and so much more with Hypermotion V. 

Included in the data captured are ball trajectory and movement in certain situations like shooting, crossing, and passing. EA has seen great success with this in EA Sports PGA Tour. The ball trajectory has added so much realism that it’s almost hard to tell that you’re playing virtual golf. As per the developers, they’ve gone from over a dozen run styles to over 1200 run styles in the game, boldly stating that we can expect hundreds of new player animations in FC 24.

An Example of the Data Captured with Hypermotion V (Screenshot via Prima Games)

What Are EA Sports’ Play Styles?

Play Styles are a pro player’s unique and signature ability that they effortlessly execute in 90 minutes of football. There will be two tiers: Play Style and Play Style+. EA has gone from a handful of Play Styles to 34 new Play Styles in FC 24. This means players who frequently hit shots with finesse will have finesse as a Play Style ability. 

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Another example is players who have the ability to make interceptions in the final third as the last man in defense will have interceptions as a Play Style. Players in the game are also not limited to one Play Style and can have a combination of Play Styles. However, these will only be the elite bunch in the game.

New Play Styles Added to FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Some of the Play Styles mentioned in the gameplay reveal are: 

  • Tricksters (a Play Style synonymous with Real Madrid’s Vini Jr)
  • Whipped Passing (Long balls whipped in like Trent Alexander-Arnold)
  • Finesse Shot (Shots taken like Sam Kerr)
  • Power Shot (Shots like Haaland will be unstoppable)
  • Interception (The famous and elegant steal done more often than not by Virgil van Dijk)
  • Block (A trait of any world-class centerback that plays the game today)

How Do Play Style and Play Style+ Work in FC 24?

Play Style is a player’s signature move, while Play Style+ will take that player’s signature move from special to godly. To ensure this feature of the game is as authentic as possible, EA teamed up with Opta. They also made it clear that when selecting players for your team in multiple game modes, including Ultimate Team, this will matter the most.

Unique Trickster Play Style (Screenshot via Prima Games)

What’s New With the Frostbite Engine?

The New Frostbite Engine has the players in FC 24 looking more realistic and authentic. The attention to detail in the clothing, hairstyles, and unique appearances have looked impressive so far, despite the early days kickback when players saw the album artwork. 

The latest version of the Frostbite Engine, which EA Sports FC will be using, almost perfectly transfers character reactions, body movements, and real-time effects such as lighting and other aspects that influence the game.

New Intercept Play Style (Screenshot via Prima Games)

The Frostbite Engine has been in use by EA for years and has improved with each passing year. It appears it will continue to do so with FC 24, with many saying it already looks better than its predecessor.  

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