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What’s New in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

The short answer is, there’s a lot going on in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The day all virtual football fans have been waiting for finally came on Thursday evening when EA hosted the world premiere of FC 24 in Amsterdam. On display was more promise than we hoped for, with loads of exciting new features and gameplay to come with the new installment of what used to be titled FIFA.

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Some aspects got longer airtime than others, and one of those taking up most of the talk show time was FC 24 Ultimate Team. Without even getting to play the game yet, there’s so much to talk about.

In this post, I’ll be discussing all that we’ve learned about EA’s Ultimate Team game mode. This mode has surpassed all other game modes since its inclusion and is the most played game mode of all modes available on the football simulator. It is one of the biggest successes and reasons EA continues to rack up players and playing hours with EA Sports FC.

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What’s New in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

There were three main topics that stood out in the official reveal of EA Sports FC 24. They were the following: 

  • New Teams Being Added to Ultimate Team, 
  • New Competitions, and 
  • New Player Evolution. 

Breaking each point down into further details given to us on Thursday.

Team and Players Being Added to Ultimate Team

The game modes were discussed by Nick Wlodyka, the Senior Vice President and GM of EA Sports FC. He promised that Ultimate Team will have its biggest player pool yet. Added to this, which is the biggest news of all, women’s football will be added to Ultimate Team on FC 24. This means there will be more legends, Icons, Heroes, and more in UT this season.

New Competitions in FC 24 Ultimate Team

What is Ultimate Team without any Squad Building Challenges? Well, it wouldn’t be enjoyable, that’s for certain. In Nick Wlodyka’s talks, he promises that there will be six new competitions added to SBCs, giving players even more opportunities and ways to build their squad to become the Ultimate Team. 

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He went on to say, in closing, that it’s the most squad-building opportunities being included in the game to date.

New Player Evolution

The new player evolution allows UT players to create their own legendary players from within their own squads and throughout the season. Players can achieve this by completing challenges and earning rewards. You can evolve players in your squad in a specific manner that creates a unique style of play and a bit more authenticity amongst EA players. 

For more on the reveal, see how fans reacted to the cover artwork for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition and read: Fans React to EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Edition Cover.

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