Fans React to EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Edition Cover

I read somebody called it PS2 graphics; the reception was that bad!

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EA released a much-needed official trailer for FC 24 and more this week. We have just under a month before the new Premier League campaign kicks off and now following the announcement of the release date for September 29, we have just over two months before the virtual football kickoff.

Before the big reveal video, all we’ve seen is a logo and color scheme change. Following the official announcement trailer and reveal of the Ultimate Edition cover, fans appeared to be left more disappointed than impressed and the hope is that the gameplay trailer held more promise and reignites their spirits for the coming of EA Sports FC 24.

FC 24 Ultimate Edition Cover (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Fans React to EA’s FC 24 Ultimate Edition Cover

The fans’ negative reaction was solely based on the Ultimate Edition cover’s artwork. This season, EA chose to go with a full squad, involving a mixture of legends, men, and women players, instead of having a single player dub the cover.

A great gesture, no doubt. However, fans were left perplexed by the graphics of some of the players’ faces, wondering why a face scan was not used for some of them. A fair question considering some players can easily be identified because of their uncanny resemblance to the real-life pro, while others look like a base copy of another player from another player, from FIFA 98.

Fans are quite pessimistic about FC 24, going as far as calling the game “EAFC24: compensation edition.” Cold, to say the least. Another Twitter user commented that it looked like PS2 graphics. And honestly, it doesn’t get any better in the replies.

Some of the Best Reactions From Fans on Twitter:

Donkie looks rather disappointed. We all know why and most of us agree with him. Enso’s tan looks paid for on the cover while he looks like he needs the sun in West London while playing for Chelsea.

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Some more burns. Some of these burns need some immediate attention. Calling it Roblox and asking if it’s the mobile version was just next level.

While Chelsea pumps rainbows EA’s way, Chelsea fans want to know what happened to their record-breaking signing. These next couple of replies had me rolling on the floor in stitches, I’m not going to lie.

Pirlo has the look of all of us that’s seen the Ultimate Edition artwork. We are as flabbergasted as he is. I saved the best for last. If this was a reply I received, I’d leave my job with immediate effect.

There is no coming back from this for EA Sports FC (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Safe to say, the public had a field day with what’s supposed to be the most advanced and biggest sports game to date. EA will be hoping the gameplay trailer saved them some face. 

Read more on what was picked up in EA’s official announcement trailer for FC 24 that dropped at the beginning of the week and read: What We Learned From EA’s Official FC 24 Announcement Trailer

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