Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature and Nurture Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature and Nurture Quest Guide

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As of October 19, the first major Disney Dreamlight Valley update is live! You’re immediately introduced to a quest that asks you to investigate a giant skull in Sunlit Plateau. Upon arriving here, you’ll meet Scar, the notorious Lion King villain. Want to know what to do next? You’ll find out as you read further! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide on completing the Nature and Nurture quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature and Nurture Quest Guide

Below are the steps for completing the “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Investigate the Giant Skull in the Elephant Graveyard of the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Talk to Scar
  • Enter the Vitalys Mines at the mouth of the river in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Explore the Vitalys Mines and find whatever’s blocking the river.
  • Check the sign next to the barrel in the Vitalys Mines.
  • Search the mining camp in the Vitalys Mines for the Ingredients.
  • Tell Merlin about what you’ve found.
  • Prepare the Extra Fizzy Root Beer at a Cooking Station.
  • Put the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and the Crackling Candies in the barrel to clear the Night Thorn roots blocking the water source in the mine.
  • Return to the Sunlit Plateau to see if the river has been restored.
  • Follow the Forgotten through the Dark Portal near the Elephant Graveyard.
  • The Forgotten dropped something! Pick it up.
  • Return to Dreamlight Valley.
  • Show Merlin what you’ve found.
  • Gather the following items needed for the Miracle Growth Elixir: Vitalys Crystal x10, Rich Soil x10, Dreamlight x1000
  • Craft the Miracle Growth Elixir.
  • Use the Miracle Growth Elixir in your Backpack to upgrade your Watering Can.
  • Talk to Merlin.
  • Plant the Orb of Nurturing at the Pillar in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Tend to the Orb of Nurturing until it’s fully restored. (This might take a few days!)
  • Talk to Scar.

Right away, you’ll notice that you require access to the Sunlit Plateau. If you don’t have this area unlocked already, you’ll have to head into the northwestern part of the Plaza and spend 7,000 Dreamlight to clear out the large night thorns. After entering the area, you’ll find a path leading to a massive elephant skull, campsites, and a ramp leading to the Forgotten Lands. For now, head inside the giant skull.

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In a surprising turn of events, you’ll find Scar, the lion, inside the skull. Speak to him to hear his monologue about how you were his loyal subject and that he, in fact, ruled over the Valley. Whether or not you believe this part of the story is entirely up to you. The important part of this discussion is that the Pillar of Nurturing’s power has died, and it is up to you to fix it by venturing into the Vitalys Mines.

Once you exit the Giant Skull, head to your right towards the river. You’ll find the entrance of the mines along the northern cliffside. Enter this area to initiate a cutscene, highlighting the ruin it is now in.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vitalys Mine Sunlit Plateau
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you venture through this cave, you’ll notice a lot of twists and turns that may leave you confused. It’s easy to get lost here if you don’t know the exact route. Below is the path you’ll want to take to progress through the quest:

  1. When you first enter the cave, turn left into the corridor.
  2. Turn right and break the rocks blocking the nearby mineshaft entrance.
  3. At the fork, go right and continue down this path until you find broken rail tracks. Continue forward here.
  4. At the second fork, go right, breaking any rocks you find along the way. You’ll start finding a bunch of glowing, purple mushrooms.
  5. You’ll encounter another fork in the path. Go down the left path, followed by the right one.
  6. By this point, you’ll find a room with a bunch of minecarts and a ramp leading to a massive boulder. Go up this ramp.

Once you’re up the ramp, you’ll find a sign and a red barrel. Read the sign to discover that you have to make root beer. Head down the ramp and turn right to find a green chest. Open it to find Dried Ginger, crackling candies, and a Root Beer recipe book. Make sure you pick up all of these items! Head out of the cave and speak to Merlin.

Your conversation will Merlin will reveal his distaste for Scar and the resistance to your magic in the caves. The solution? The root beer from before! Head to a cooking station and make it using Vanilla, Sugarcane, and the Dried Ginger you picked up earlier. From here, go back to the red barrel in the mines and toss them in to cause an explosion! With the Night Thorns cleared and the water flowing down the river again, you can now exit the cave once more.

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Upon leaving, though, you’ll find some bad news. The river is now polluted, and a dark portal has appeared! Enter the portal to find an evil version of your character running through a corrupted area. Break through the rocks, pick up the Lifeless Orb of Nurturing and return home before visiting Merlin once more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature and Nurture Memory
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Merlin will tell you to plant the orb into the ground and collect Vitalys Crystals from the mines to create a Miracle Growth Elixir. You’ll need the following items:

  • Vitalys Crystals x10 – Head into the mines and break the glowing, grey, and blue rocks. They have a high chance of dropping the crystals.
  • Rich Soil x10 – Plant crops and harvest them for a low chance of getting rich soil. To make the process quick, plant a bunch of wheat in Peaceful Meadow and harvest them after the one-minute growth time ends. Replant as necessary until you have all ten.
  • Dreamlight x1000 – Complete Dreamlight duties

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With all the necessary items in hand, head to a nearby crafting table and go to Potion & Enchantment. Select Miracle Growth Elixir and craft it before going into your inventory and using the potion. With your new upgrade in hand, talk to Merlin once again.

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When you speak to Merlin, he’ll inform you that you must plant the Orb of Nurturing into the ground in front of the Pillar in Sunlit Plateau. To reach the pillar, go to Sunlit Plateau and travel southwest along the river edge. The pillar is along the edge, closest to the Glade of Trust. Dig a hole in front of the pillar, plant the orb, and water it. You’ll have to do this over the span of several days.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Orb of Nurturing Pillar
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once several days have passed and you’ve watered the plant multiple times, the plant will finish growing. You’ll know it’s done when you approach the pillar and find a cutscene. The plant will restore life to the area, allowing you to wrap up the mission. Find Scar and talk to him to complete the Nature and Nurture quest!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’d like to explore other mission guides, check out our Sunstone Fragments Quest Guide and The Secret Door Quest Guide.

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